So You Think You Can Dance
Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part II

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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part II

There are 50 dancers left, and they're going to perform a solo that won't get critiqued by the judges, but they will be winnowed to twenty.

Last up is Faina Savich, who dances a samba, in a little black dress, to some Black Eyed Peas' samba mix. Wait, "last up"? No, don't show us the dances, guys. No one watching is interested in dancing, are they? Let's get straight to the sitting and waiting and standing nervously in front of judges. Anyway, she's really good. Do you get bonus points for looking like a Bond girl? She collapses immediately after leaving the stage. Some paramedics? I guess? Lackadaisically make their way over to Faina. They're not moving very fast, considering she appears to be dying. It appears they're familiar with drama-queening. The official diagnosis is "dehydration."

Nigel asks people back up onstage, including Kaelyn Gray and Olivia Usey (who apparently is only just "Olivia" now). Nigel shuffles through a bunch of papers on the table, like he can't remember what it is they want this group to do. And then, oh yeah! This group is ending its run here. Everyone is grateful for the opportunity, and philosophical about being cut, with one exception: Olivia Usey.

Olivia blathers on that she would have rather been cut in the first round than having to work and be exhausted and bruised and be around people she doesn't like. What a poor sport. Look at it this way, Olivia: getting cut now is way better, by your logic, than making it to, say, the final two, and then losing.

So now we're left with seventeen boys, and seventeen girls, from which will come the top twenty. The contestants are all seated, and they'll be called one by one to a holding room, where they'll collect their thoughts, before being called out onstage.

Kevin Hunt is up first. Mia breaks the bad news that he's not continuing on, after telling him that the judges want to see him continue to grow. We see two more dancers, who don't even get names, let go.

"Seeing dancers go home builds tension in the holding room," says Cat, even though everyone there knows that all the remaining contestants are relieved when someone comes back and hasn't made it. Nice try, Cat.

Danny Tidwell is the adopted brother of last season's runner-up, and he has a reputation in the dance world of "brilliance," Mia tells him, but he's not living up to it. Shane calls his vibe "whack." In an interview, Danny says dance is like therapy.

Danny saunters out onstage. "How are you?" asks Nigel. "Everything," says Danny, whatever that means. Nigel warns him that his ego has to go out the door, which Danny agrees to, and Nigel says he's in the top twenty.

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