So You Think You Can Dance
Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part I

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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part I

Hanna-Lee, the dancer who survived the building collapse, has hurt her ankle. She's with Olivia Usey, Lauren Gottlieb, Kevin Hunt (the closed-captioning calls him "Kevin Hill"), and Dallas Blagg, and for some reason, the group decides to have both Kevin and Lauren work out the choreography. I suppose it's because they're dancing to hip-hop, which is the specialty of both Lauren and Kevin, but it makes for some head-butting during practice. Olivia, who maybe by now has figured out that the camera is seeking her out a lot, spends as much time as possible making Jim Halpert faces at the camera, and has a little temper tantrum. She says if she winds up going home because of this, she's going to be furious: "I'm going to be out of control, and I'm just saying it now." So, so pretty. So, so annoying.

Then, after all that, their hip-hop routine is pretty good, despite all the tension. I can't believe the editing on a reality show led me to believe one thing was going to happen, and then the opposite happened! Should someone notify the FCC? The group, with the exception of Hanna-Lee, gets sent through. Hanna-Lee will be dancing for her life. If this show feels any shame about its overwrought "dancing for her life" theme when this contestant ACTUALLY ALMOST DIED DANCING, it doesn't show.

Jessi Peralta, she of the baby oil and very literal choreography and strong resemblance to Evangeline Lilly, starts her contemporary routine folded up in a suitcase while the rest of her group writhes around the stage. Despite the judges' delight at Jessi's suitcase entrance, Nigel calls the routine a mess and says he can't give them any of them his vote. Mary says the exact same thing. And Nigel says if the other judges all feel the same way, the dancers will all dance for their lives. Wait -- if the other judges feel the same, shouldn't they all be going home? Anyway, Jessi pipes up, "I'd rather dance for my life than go home!" while the other dancers glumly wish they'd thought of something so steadfastly determined to say so quickly.

Hanna-Lee, backstage, is doing the best she can trying to come up with a solo routine on a bum ankle. Jessi Peralta dances to that Corinne Bailey Rae song again, but doesn't grease herself up this time, and to me she just looks like some stoned chick swaying in the crowd at a Lilith Fair show, but all the judges love her. This is why I think it's a problem that I don't know anything at all about dance. She's nice and fluid, but…yeah, I guess maybe I don't like this type of dancing. It bores me. But as far as her competence, I'm more than willing to defer to four industry folks who all love her.

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