So You Think You Can Dance
Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part I

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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part I

D'Trix, Hok, Twitch, and Jamal are likewise dancing for their lives. Some new guy we haven't seen yet, Ricky Palomino, is deemed amazing by Mia. She loves him. She looks ready to jump him, and she says he's her favourite male competitor. He's a unanimous yes. On second viewing, Ricky might have been the guy babbling about Mia's irrationality turning into physicality. It's hard to tell. All white people look the same to me.

Dance for your life, Twitch! He's fantastic, freestyle. Mary's screaming by the end, which is kind of an unfortunate byproduct of great routines. She even turns around to yell at the other wannabes, "Take a lesson! THAT WAS ENTERTAINMENT." Some guy (is it D'Trix? They teased him just before the commercial break, but I've already forgotten what he looks like) who spins on his head for about twenty minutes is also through. "You're stupid!" says Mia, which is meant as a compliment, somehow. Hok dances to some Latin funk, which has the judges laughing and applauding, and it's a unanimous yes.

And then…Jamal. Oh, Jamal. It could have been so beautiful. Could have been so right. But we'll never hold what could've been, on a cold and lonely night. Jamal's decided to tap. To hip-hop music. It's not great, but gets worse when he kicks off the tap shoes, and continues to tap. In his sock feet. His last-second freestyling is the dancing equivalent of football's Hail Mary pass, but it's not enough. He's clearly running on empty. Shane looks almost pissed. Everyone tells him no, but Nigel gives him a special sendoff, extolling his personality.

Evita's dancing for her life again, and she gets to use Michael for some more old-timey dancing. But Nigel says, "I can't keep putting you through on your personality." Actually, last time he declined to put her through. But anyway. It's not enough this time, and Michael and Evita head off into the sunset to dance the Charleston or whatever on top of a flagpole, and then buy milk for two cents a gallon.

By the end of Day 2, only 63 dancers are left, and they get called back to the stage. Cat tells them the day isn't over yet; they're going to be put into 15 groups, get one of five random songs, and they have until tomorrow morning to choreograph a routine.

We see Faina Savich, Collette Williams, Michael Pasante, and Jaimie Goodwin. They're dancing to a little soul. Faina stars to lose her shit when she can't get it right away. And then it's 3:30 AM, everyone's ready for bed, but Faina has all kinds of questions about the routine, which frustrates the tired group, who feel she should have asked her questions before. To their credit, they decide to work through the night, so they're performing with no sleep. They don't seem very good to me, but I have no idea, and for all I know, I'm confusing "I don't like this kind of dancing" with "they're not very good." Michael gets only Shane's vote, but the girls get through. Michael screams and cries backstage.

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