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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part I

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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part I

Kaelyn Gray was at the Atlanta auditions with her husband and her adorable three-year-old son. Neither she nor her new partner, Jay Gamlin, have ever done any ballroom dancing. They get along famously during rehearsal, but when Jay gets cut and Kaelyn moves on, he cries and whines and throws her under the bus, saying he was dragging her across the stage. She overhears him saying so, and demonstrates a lot more class than he does (of course, that's easier to do when you've been successful). Later, he snaps at the cameraman to stop filming him. I don't know why he's bothering; since he's being booted from the show, being on camera's not something he's going to have to worry about much longer.

Pasha Kovalev, paired with the one-armed Janet Bombard, is in the first group. Pasha's unanimously through, as is Janet. Nigel says he keeps forgetting she's only got one arm. That used to be true of the drummer for Def Leppard, at least until that damn Bloodhound Gang song. We hear Cat say that "contestant after contestant" sambaed their way into the next round, while the closed-captioning is a little more specific: Two-thirds of the contests are moving on. We see Olivia again, and a couple of others who I think I might recognize, but I'm not sure (a lot of these dancers are blurring together, and the show's not displaying their names on screen anymore).

On Day 2, the dancers will be doing some contemporary choreography with Mia Michaels, whom one of the dancers says is known for "bringing irrationality from the stars to physicality." I don't know what that means, but as Mia goes to work, I get a new choreographer sound: "Kun-kah!" "This is the hardest bleep I've ever done in my life," says, I think, Steven "Twitch" Boss. Jessi "Baby Oil" Peralta, I think, calls Mia a "gangster."

Yesenia Gomez is clearly struggling, in her group with Michael and Evita the Lindy hoppers. Michael is unanimously sent home. Yesenia looks horrible doing her routine, and gets blasted by Nigel, who says that up until now she's overcome her size, but this time she looked like a "lump bouncing around out there." Eva gets votes from Mary and Shane, so she's going to be dancing for her life again. Nigel tells her her personality is wonderful, but that's not always enough. Cat asks the two of them afterwards if it'll be weird for them if she makes it, after he got cut. Michael admits it'll be strange, but he's also sweetly encouraging to Evita, who starts crying. She wants it so bad, you guys!

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