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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part I

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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part I

It's Vegas week, which means the culling can begin. So all the dancers whom we've come to root for over the past few shows? Say goodbye, no matter how heartwarming your story! Heartstring-tugging time is over -- the dancers are going to be put through their paces by Shane, Mary, and Mia, and those who can't master the choreography are heading home.

The first challenge? Mastering some Shane Sparks moves. I discover that I really enjoy the nonsense syllables choreographers use when they're demonstrating moves. Boom! Kah-kah boom pah-pah!

We're told that a lot of dancers were liking their chances. But Olivia Usey is not one of them. To be fair, her dancing not only has to get her through to the next round, but also cure her mom's cancer. Olivia gets almost as much screen time as Nigel does tonight. If I'm being honest, I think the ratio should skew a little more in her favour. Great. Now I'm the perv.

Anyway, we're adding choreographer Mia Michaels to the judges' table, and each dancer needs the OK from at least three of the judges to move on. If the vote is a tie, the dancer will perform a solo routine in his or her own style. "In effect, they will dance for their life," Cat tells us. Whew! Just when I was worried this show didn't take itself seriously enough!

Remember dance teacher Katie Watts and her student Ashley Keegan, who shop at the same booty-shorts store? They're gone. Remember Brianna, the perky blonde who became a woman on a cruise ship? Gone. Remember Myles Johnson, the heartthrob former quarterback rebuilding a strained relationship with his dad, who now loves his living gay son? Gone.

Michael and Evita, the Lindy hoppers? They gamely do their best to master a hip-hop routine. They're judged individually, but the results are identical. Nigel and Mary say yes, but Mia and Shane say no. Nigel says he's basing it more on what he already knows they can do (i.e. the old-timey Lindy hopping) than their hip-hop performance. They'll dance for their lives (we hear this enough times tonight to make a drinking game approaching the "Roxanne" drinking game in terms of its potential to kill you.

After some more screen time for Olivia, she gets three of four votes (Mia is the holdout) and moves on.

Dancing for their lives, Michael and Evita wear black-and-white outfits. This time, Mia sees their appeal, and calls them adorable, Shane likewise says yes. In all, 62 dancers don't make it through, though.

And now Mary's going to be teaching the samba. I image her interpretation has a lot of screaming and laughing in it. She also has brought along Dmitry from last season to help her demonstrate, and to serve as the Benjamin Braddock to her Mrs. Robinson.

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