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Last night, six dancers crammed nine routines into one hour as this most poorly planned season speeds to its hurried finale. I've generally enjoyed this season -- the Jakobs and Kathryns and Legacys and Ellenores and Victors have certainly made this season as filled with great dancing as any other. But these last two weeks -- the bullshittery with Ashleigh, the weird Top 6, the terrible pacing -- are really leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Let's see if tonight's two-hour finale turns that trend around.

The opening group routine actually goes a long way towards kicking us off on the right foot. It's the full Top 20 dancing this incredibly intricate jazzy number, somewhat reminiscent of last season's "Seven Nation Army" group dance I loved so much. It's set to "Scared of Me," by Fedde le Grand, which I wasn't familiar with, but it provides some great energy. The Top 6 get revealed against a red backdrop in this really dramatic way. Best group dance in a season that had far too few of them. Weirdly, Cat gives it up for the "Top 19," and I frantically wonder who was missing from the group. She also credits that most excellent routine to Kelley Abbey, who I guess is from SYTYCD: Australia.

Cat introduces the six judges at the table, and my utter joy at seeing Debbie Allen and Lil' C again more than makes up for Tyce's infernal mugging. Also, Adam, Mary, and Nigel are in black-tie formal wear, though Nigel douchily took his tie off. The rogue! Cat then kicks it to the recap of last night: Kathryn and Ryan with a fairly hot samba; Ellenore and Jakob working wonders with Broadway (Adam was right on saying it made that old Broadway style hip and relevant); Ashley and Russell made Mary cry with their lyrical jazz; Ellenore and Ryan totally won me over with that robotic routine that bugged Nigel so; Jakob and Ashleigh resumed their successful partnership on a foxtrot; Ellenore and Russell had a decent paso doble; Russell and Kathryn kinda rocked out on hip-hop; Kathryn and Jakob gave me the contempo I had been so clamoring for; and then Ryan and Ashleigh gave America the dance it was so clamoring for.

After the break, Cat reminds us that auditions for Season 7 start up in January (in real life, not on TV) (thank God), starting with New York and Detroit. New York, eh? Interesting. Then, Lil' C kicks off our Judges' Choice dance reprises. C (wearing a white tie himself) begs Cat to "bring the buccness in," by which he means, let's see the three-man hip-hop routine from Week 1. Kevin, Legacy, and Russell are every bit on fire as they were back then. Though it's interesting to look now through the prism of how well (or, in Kevin's case, not as well) they adapted to the other styles. If anything, their timing and synchronization might be better than the first time, and watching Russell fly out onto the floor is still a thrill. It's enough to earn a standing ovation from Tabitha, at least.

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