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The Politics of Dancing

"Dancing D's back in town, holla!" Yes, it's Dancing Derrick Bradley, who is one of those guys who acts "crazy" but it consists entirely of bugging his eyes out and screaming and shaking his head. Oh, and also he has to tell you how crazy he's acting. Very studious spontaneity. His routine involves some dice-throwing, fishing, homerun-hitting and golf ... soup-eating? It's not dancing. It's charades. It's Cranium. At least the judges enjoy themselves watching him. Mary says some of his moves have improved, but "come on." He protests that he's taking a jazz class and an African class. I'd like to know in which class -- jazz or African -- did he pick up the "miming golf" move. "Taking one or two classes isn't going to do it." Derrick doesn't really understand that he's not a dancer, to the extent that Nigel actually writes him off with, "I'm bored with you. You don't seem to be getting it."

Markus Shields' mom died when he was 12, three days before Christmas, and he says she'd be proud of him for following his dream. He dances wearing a T-shirt with a huge picture of his mother's face airbrushed onto it. Contemporary/hip-hop, I think? He seems all right to me, and thank god, because I was prepared to be rolling at my eyes at him. "Happy with your performance?" says Nigel, and Markus says no, saying he screwed up. Nigel says the only reason he knew that was because Markus showed it in his face. Mary loved him, and Dan thought he was killing it, and they send him to choreography.

D.C. montage of the good, the bad and the freaky. There's a hula trio, and girls in white face-paint, and ballet-krumping. I for one wouldn't mind to see a little more of the hula dancing.

Markus Smith and Deonna Ball are going to dance some D.C. swing, which is the official dance of Washington (shhh -- foxtrot is still pissed). They claim to be the top "hand dancers" in Washington, and their routine is really cool. Hand movements and spins, and legs entwining. Nigel loves it, citing all the dance styles that went into the mix, and Mary compliments them, Dan loved it too. And they're going off to the choreography.

Markus and Deonna: seem uncomfortable, while Markus still seems unable to smile. And in the end, neither one of them were able to do someone else's choreography. Markus Shields: Mary says the important thing to remember is his mother would want him to be happy. But he's going to be really happy, because he's going to Vegas! Along with only nine others.

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