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The Politics of Dancing

Claire Callaway apparently auditioned two years ago, but hurt her foot, and got injured, and Nigel said she could come back, but then she got herself knocked up. I seem to remember this from last season. She's brought her adorable daughter with her. She tells Cat she didn't want to disappoint anybody, and Cat's all, you didn't disappoint anybody. Claire starts to cry about everything she's gone through, or whatever. I'm not too impressed. She seems to have the idea that Nigel and Mary and America in general gave a crap whether she danced last season. She dances a contemporary routine, and isn't anything to write home about. Tyce calls her a one-trick pony, who uses her beauty, but that's not enough. Well, it's enough for society at large, but for this show, you need to dance. Mary says she thought she saw more in the first audition, but she and Nigel both think the bar has been raised since then, and they can't put her straight through to Vegas. Claire starts to cry and talks about how she gained weight while pregnant and lost it, and couldn't dance for a while -- which she needs to be told isn't anyone else's fault. Outside, she's still crying about it, and needs to suck it up in time for the choreography. She whines about not working as hard as she should have, but she was being a mom seventy-eighty percent of the time. Shouldn't that percentage be, you know, one hundred percent? And again, it's not Nigel's or Mary's or the other contestants' fault you had a kid. I'm not going to go up there and suck and start crying that I would have been better if I hadn't spend time doing other things. Dance, or don't dance. And hope your daughter doesn't eventually see this episode in which you imply you regret having her before you kept going with the dancing.

Choreography round! Breaker BJ: doesn't get through. "I worked too hard. I'm upset with myself, because I'm better than that," he says. Claire: Mary tries to fake her out with a "This is really hard..." and then sends her through. She probably didn't want Claire to start bawling again. Claire and seventeen others are going through, including one dancer who can't spell Vegas, so it's a good thing someone else bought the ticket for her.

The show hits Washington for the first time with Dan Karaty joining the judges. Megan Campbell is up first, dancing contemporary. Her aunt claps in the back. "Oh my gosh, she's my biggest fan," says Megan. "You won my heart today," says Nigel, telling her she danced beautifully to the music, although she needs to quit flipping her hair out of her eyes. Mary calls her "pure joy," and Dan says she left everything on the floor. They send her through to Vegas, and her aunt comes down to hug her and the judges.

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