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The Politics of Dancing

Nigel calls Syiddah King "Shirley Temple" because of the mop of curls. She has red and green socks on one foot and blue and yellow on another, and she dances the way you may dance for yourself in front of a mirror. Certainly not for people, with eyes and other sensory inputs. "How long have you been dancing?" asks Nigel. "If you want to call it dancing, forever," says Syiddah. Nigel calls her a mover -- and not a particularly good one -- not a dancer, which is the phrase of the season so far, isn't it? Syiddah does the "I don't even care" routine which is always charming, and blows off hearing advice from Tyce: "I don't need to hear Tyce, because I don't know who Tyce is."

I always feel bad for the dancers featured in the montages after the really sucky dancers, when they do the "But it got even worse!" montage. Like poor Shamika Robinson here, who's getting married in June, but'll postpone the wedding if she makes it through. "Good luck with your wedding in June," says Nigel, after leading her on somewhat. Then I lose any sympathy for Shamika, as she refuses to believe the judges are being honest with her. "You just don't know the style," she says, and Mary can't even begin to tell her how much booty shaking she's seen in her life. "That was very basic. VERRRY basic. Just so you know," says Tyce.

Next up are Anthony and Antwain Hart, identical twins, dancing separately, Anthony first, doing hip-hop. Is this krump? I think I've forgotten stuff I learned last year, stuff that was in the brain cells currently being killed off by The Bachelorette He's energetic, I'll give him that, but he's not great. Tyce calls it "one-note" and Mary agrees, saying he's got a good feeling for music, but needs to train more. "You're a good mover," says Nigel. Well, that's it. "You're a good mover" is now going in the drinking game. They decline to send him through, and Antwain is up next, and is immediately better. "Different animal," says Nigel. Meanwhile, outside, Anthony is explaining that his brother will represent for the both of them. After Nigel stops Antwain's routine, Nigel asks about Anthony. "My brother, he's, I think he's just like really nervous right now," says Antwain, who sticks up for his brother, saying Anthony should be the one up on the stage right now. But he stops short of giving up his spot in favour of Anthony, figuring Anthony wouldn't want Antwain to give up his spot. Nigel asks if they have routines they do together, which they do, which we've already seen and then sends for Anthony and says Antwain figures Anthony wouldn't want his brother to give up his spot. Not willing to throw his brother under the bus, Anthony agrees, and the brothers hug. Aw. And the two of them dance, and are fantastic together. "I am quite happy to put the pair of them through to choreography," says Nigel. Antoine and Anthony both make it to Vegas, along with eighteen others from the Day 1 auditions.

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