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The Politics of Dancing

Tyce Diorio is on the judges table today as the show hits Charleston, so let's get right to it, shall we?

Sheila Kaiser is a freshman at the University of Georgia, studying biological engineering. She's here against her dad's wishes, and therefore it's hard for her mom to support her too. I...guess? God, I hope she makes it. The dancers whose parents don't support them really break my heart. She dances contemporary. Very alluring. Nigel loves her from jump. "It feels hot," says Nigel, possibly quoting the song she was dancing to. I never listen to the song. I never know any of these songs. Mary says she has it "goin' on" and gives a little mini-scream. Tyce also calls her amazing, and says she gave dancers an education. Nigel's been briefed on her education, and asks about the classes she's missed, and she talks about her dad not supporting her. "I guess when he's sitting around the television with his friends, he's going to be ever so proud of you," says Nigel, because things always work just like that. And then he searches for some cryptic way to announce she's going to Vegas, like asking her about roulette in a really weird roundabout way. "They said that they loved me, and that's all I wanted to hear," she cries to Cat. I don't think she's talking just about dancing, actually. Poor girl. She's sweet.

Erin Mansour is dancing with John Tabakian. She says she's thirty (my ass -- again I call for IDs to be required), so this is her last chance. It's a beat-heavy pairs routine, but it's all over the place. She does a half-assed cabbage patch, for crying out loud. Nigel calls a halt to the dancing and is disbelieving that she's a dance teacher (do auditioners just lie and say that so the judges think they'll be good?). Then she says she's only been ballroom dancing for eight hours, which sets Mary off on a rant about why people think they can do this with so little training, and Tyce also says it's an embarrassment.

Jeremiah Hughes goes shirtless and does scary intense pushups. "On stage, my most negative feature should be that I happen to be human," he says, and that's not even the dippiest or most inane thing he says. He babbles something about how he always has a reason for doing something, so if someone asks him why he's dancing, and he doesn't have an answer at that moment, he won't dance. What if someone asks why you're being a tool? Will you stop that, too? It's a contemporary routine that gets a lot more swoopy camera action than most dancers get. He does some sort of twirl screwup, which Nigel points out, adding that even with that, he's still one of the most exciting dancers he's seen this season. Mary loves him too, his choreography and technique, but notes a couple of times he didn't finish leaps. Tyce offers some tips about consistency and jumps. "Well, if he promises to do his shirt up..." jokes Nigel, and Jeremiah quickly buttons it, and he's off to Vegas. Just don't ask him why, because he'll be eliminated.

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