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For the Want of a Nail

Another pair, Leigh Asay and Josh Murillo have only been dancing together for two weeks. She seems chatty and kinda spacey, while Josh... doesn't speak at all. They also go the Gaga route ("Just Dance"), and... okay, here's the problem. All hour, we've been hit with previews that Leigh fucks up her toe here, so it's now almost impossible to watch the dancing rather than drift down to anticipate the toe-tastrophe. Best I can tell, she's a bit better than him, but they both look a shade undercooked. Anyway, immediately after they're done, Leigh is all, "I think I lost a toenail." Lost. Toenail. The big toe, too, not some no-account pinkie toe. There's lots of blood and it's totally gross, but Leigh kind of wins me over by high-fiving Josh and being all "Yes! Blood on the dance floor!" Weirdo. Mary is freaking out at the sight of it, as am I when we get a closeup of the nail, which is still attached but basically like the hood of a car while you're changing the oil. GAAAAAHHH! Nigel finally gets the medic over, and as the adrenaline wears off it starts to hurt bad. Mia and Mary are, like, huddled together, and I can barely see past my own fingers at this point. Josh gets put through to choreography, while Leigh's injury manages to pay off as she just goes straight to Vegas. A good call, to be sure, but she was totally Pasha-bound if not for that toenail.

So Josh, and the DiLellos are the ones we're looking at in the "Calle Ocho" round. Ryan and Ashleigh are, of course, split up. All three appear to look good, to me, but right off the bat, Josh gets rejected for Vegas. Aw. Ryan and Ryan's Arms are all going to Vegas, and out in the hall, he excitedly picks up Cat in one of the dreamiest hugs of all time. Picks up Cat Deeley!

Meanwhile, Nigel calls Ashleigh's dancing "a bit twee in places," but she gets through to Vegas, too. Ryan sweeps her up off her feet, too, but frankly, Cat has now ruined Ryan for all other women. It happens that quick.

Tomorrow night, it's VEGAS! 152 dancers! Tyce! Mia! Travis (?)! LaurieAnn Gibson!! Oh shit, y'all.

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