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A Dancer Dances

A number of dancers are good enough for choreography, but not Las Vegas. I love this one guy who's standing on his head without using his hands and falls over on his side. It's on purpose and it looks neat. I'm not sure it's dancing, though.

Jarrod Mayo brought his mother. That's it? No dog with cancer or anything? He has a style that involves a lot of sudden kicks behind him. I'm not in love with the dance he's doing, but he's clearly got a lot of technique and knows what he's doing. His facial expressions are terrific. Okay, I think I'm being won over as the dance goes on. Yeah, I'm on Jarrod's side now. Nigel mildly objects to Jarrod's shoulders but calls him amazing anyway. Jarrod's mother gets dragged out on stage for some reason. Eventually, Jarrod gets sent to Vegas. Hooray!

Our next dancer is deaf. We get both subtitles and someone translating the sign language. The person doing the translating is female, which doesn't match up with Jarrell, who's a dude. And he can dance! He's got a strong sense of rhythm, presumably because he's working off the sound of the bass in the music. He's got a lot of facial expressions happening, and his dance has a story going on and everything. His sign translator hides in the front row in front of the judges and they don't bother pretending they don't know his story. Stacey says he's great, but the vocabulary of his steps isn't broad enough. Adam loved that he interpreted the song. Nigel asks how he feels the music, and sure enough, it's the bass. Nigel points out that more dancers need to do that. So they let him down gently and he really was pretty good. And he seems to be in a pretty good mood. His interpreter is smiling too.

Choreography! Christopher does not make it, but he is determined to come back next year. Some other people do make it. They are happy. They scream a bit.

That's it. Tomorrow, Joe R. is taking us to Dallas. And we're already going to Vegas!

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