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A Dancer Dances

It's time for people to experiment with things like "head hops" (bouncing around on your head with no hands) and "comtep-tang" (contemporary, but with tango). Oh, wait! No, it's time for a joke audition. A woman with frizzy hair and a leather vest has something called "hick-hop", which combines breakdancing and line dancing. She is, of course, terrible. At times like this, the only question is whether she's deluded or doing it on purpose? But I don't care. Next!

There are also some other people who can't dance. Sorry, guys. I'm sure some of you aren't delusional loons.

The last competitor has a long, muscular neck. It's kind of freaking me out. It's Adrian Lee, and it's another of these contemporary routines where I'm reliant on the judges to tell me if it's being done well. Stacey says it was the best contemporary routine of the day. Thanks, Stacey! So he's good, then. She kept thinking "Oh, what could I create on this one?" That's a little weird. Adam likes that he never heard Adrian come down from his jumps, which is something he praised someone for last week. And he also watches for people falling out their pirouettes. Nigel wants Adrian to "move on" and there is an excruciatingly long pause while none of them can figure out a dopey way to transition into "You're going to Vegas!" and they finally just hand him the ticket.

Choreography! Adam tells Kent he has a lot to learn ... in Vegas. That one actually worked. Andrew is going through even though they weren't sure he was good enough. "And three more happy dancers will be joining him" says Cat.

Okay, we're down to day two of Chicago. Line, flips, Cat, you know the deal.

We kick things off with Kellen Borchers, who combs his hair straight down his forehead. It's a little Dwight Schrute-y if you ask me. And I like Dwight, but I don't think he can dance. Kellen has no real idea what he's doing out there. He doesn't have a wacky gimmick; he's just kind of flailing around. The judges are laughing delightedly and applauding and I have no idea why. Nigel asks who he thinks he dances like. He goes with "a Brian or something." Nigel and Stacey try to let him down gently and he eventually goes away. That was a productive use of airtime.

Oh, wait. He gets a "dancing down the street" scene. Okay, now he's done.

Christopher Gilbert comes out on stage with a cane and does a popping thing I enjoy a lot. I'm not sure about his garish sweater, but he's pretty awesome. Adam loved it and praises the way he physicalized the music. Stacey calls him "thoroughly entertaining". Nigel tries to find out if the glasses are legitimate or an affectation (he doesn't want a clone of Twitch, I think) and sends him to choreography.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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