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A Dancer Dances

Bad Romance blares out. Melinda the tapper goes through to Las Vegas, as does Ryan. And some people with whose names I am not familiar. We learn that Cat wears a coat at this phase of the festivities in case she needs protection from the sweat covering all the people who want to hug her.

We are now in Chicago, which a number of people would like us to believe is an exceedingly tough city. They will all be bringing it and not backing down. There's this one unbelievably cool shot of people dancing on the waterfront and there's a guy doing a backflip in the foreground while people spin and do handstands in the background. It only lasts about two seconds, but I freezeframed on it because it looks so neat. It's at 1:06 if you want to check it out on your Tivo.

The same thing happens as usual with the line, and the third chair this time out will be occupied by Stacey Tookey. I like that they're bringing in people who haven't been the standard judges. No offense, Li'l C, but it's time for new blood.

The big angle for the next dancer (Kent) is that he's from Wapakoneta, OH which is a small town. He's going to college in New York next year. He has very pleasing leaps and spins. And a tumbling run. Sure, but can he do the move where he reaches out in front of him longingly before he pulls it in to his stomach? There's some talk about how hard it is to pronounce "Wapokoneta," and Kent is the subject of light-hearted mockery for thinking that Columbus is a big city. Hey, he's in Chicago right now. That doesn't count as traveling to a big city? Everyone likes him a lot, although Adam wants a little more connection to the music. Choreography. By the way, the judges are always unanimous now. Just thought I'd mention it.

The next dancer, Andrew Phillips, has brought along his twin brother, who is in a wheelchair due to spina bifida. What am I supposed to say about this? It's all terribly sad. During Andrew's dance, I notice that the Palace Theater has left some cleaning supplies on the stage. I guess that's probably on purpose? Maybe to make it feel like an audition? Oh, and the song is "You're the Reason I Come Home" and is punctuated with reaction shots of Andrew's brother. I don't have much to say about the dance itself. Andrew covers the spina bifida again and Nigel tells him he must dance every day of his life. Adam says that he has been inspired. Nigel feels that there's more to Andrew to learn. Andrew gets sent to choreography, although the judges think he might not go through this year.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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