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A Dancer Dances

Hollywood, day two! More flipping around in line. One dancer's shoe flies off and never comes down. We start with season six dancer Alexie, who I think I occasionally confused with Ellenore in the Vegas rounds. She's very good, although I'm mostly distracted by this version of "Summertime". I think it's Macy Gray. Nigel tells Alexie that her performance has dipped a lot since next year "...and that is how to tell lies." What a terrible line. I mean, that's Michael Scott level right there. What the hell, man. She's sent to Vegas.

More dancing! Adam tells one "Your feet are out of control, they're so beautiful." Not sure what that means. Nigel continues to screw with people instead of just telling them they're going to Vegas. I continue to wonder what happened to the "Las" that used to be in there. I feel like we hear "Vegas, baby" more than "Las Vegas".

It's time for another tap dancer! Meet Melinda Sullivan. The background music is from Grindhouse, I think. That's weird. She's a fan of Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis, Jr., which is probably compulsory. She's got a nice, loose-limbed style, although I'm not sure everyone's going to be into the way she occasionally pauses. I mean, she's doing it on purpose for rhythmic effect, but it still looks a little like just standing still for a couple of beats. The dancers in the crowd love it. Adam calls her interesting and beautiful. He liked her tapping to a ballad, but he objected to some of her "wandering transitions," which might be that pausing I was talking about. Nigel thought it was rude of her to impose her own rhythms over the top of Stevie Wonder, and she's going to choreography even though she just claimed to be trained in a bunch of styles.

Let's see here. Some guys dance poorly, weirdly, and weirdly poorly. For some reason, it's scored to "You're the Best Around." Last dancer! Ryan Ramirez is, despite her name, a girl. She claims to have been a shy kid, but she's clearly one of those smiling, blonde dancers we get so much of on this show. She and her mother lost their house and she almost had to stop taking lessons. Then MIA MICHAELS, LIKE AN ANGEL OF HOPE found her and hired her as an assistant. Remember the Kherington/Twitch (fine, "Twitchington," just this once) bed dance from season four? Ryan was the assistant who helped teach the dance. So Ryan views Mia as her dance savior. Her dance, logically enough, is one of those contemporary numbers with a lot of dramatic poses and swift, jerky movements. I don't know. Adam tells her she's a great dancer but didn't really connect with the audience. Hi Hat praises her technical ability but warns her about her connection. Nigel says that the best dancers don't win; the best performers do. You know who he's talking about. Ryan goes to choreography, which I'm sure she'll do fine at.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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