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Next up, a rhythmic gymnast named Rachel. She broke her foot so she can't be a rhythmic gymnast anymore, so she decided two weeks ago to be a dancer. Sounds arrogant, but honestly, we've seen some very gymnastic dancers, you know? Her routine starts in the corner of the stage (that's her gymnastic training) and involves a lot of really neat, unusual moves that I've never seen before. I like where this is going. The cool moment was a "planch├ęd attitude turn," in which she made three full turns. She refers to this as "only doing three." Adam, logically enough, wonders if this neat dancing will translate into other styles of choreography. So she's sent to Vegas! She almost leaves without hugging Adam, which is starting to make him question his desirability.

Then there's a parade of good dancers we can't watch because we spent all that time on Hella Hung. Nice job.

Cat reports that it is mid-afternoon. It's time for Cristina Taylor and Pepe, which sounds like a vaudeville act. Last year, Cristina went straight to Vegas (as we're reminded with a clip of Mary Murphy screaming at her) where she whacked Billy Bell in the nose with her elbow. Remember that? Anyway, Cristina missed out on Top Twenty. Their salsa is all Latin and spinny. The judges appear to like Cristina a lot more than Pepe. I think it's because Pepe is just there to put all the focus on his partner. Which is fine, but I don't know if it's a great audition strategy. Adam praises Cristina for understanding her body. He and Hi Hat both think Pepe faded into the background. Nigel thinks Pepe is "street salsa" while Cristina is more adaptable. Pepe gets choreography and Cristina goes to Vegas. That seems about right.

Last contestant of the day! Taylor Costello was adopted and her birth mother died before Taylor got to meet her. It's all terrible tragic, right? Just wait. So Taylor's adoptive mother is her best friend. Make a note of that. Her dance is very gymnastic, starting with a tumbling run and everything. It's full of energy, all right. Nigel asks what drives Taylor, and she explains that her birth mother was murdered by an unknown assailant. Well. That takes this show in an unexpected direction. Anyway, Taylor got to read something that her birth mother wrote, and it said that she loved to dance. I'm going to declare her the winner of the Tragic Story Stakes for this episode. She gets sent to choreography.

The choreography this time is done by Courtney Galliano from season 4 and Jason Glover from season 5. There are 23 people in it, except that Pepe ducks out. It's to "Bad Romance" again. Taylor looked fine to me for the two or three seconds we saw, but Nigel tells her she wasn't strong enough. Some other people go through. Good for them.

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