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Well, hi! I'm Montykins. Daniel's off doing something enormously important and fun for the rest of the year (note to self: next time, ask for details before setting out to explain them to the world) so Joe R. and I are going to be tag-teaming the rest of this season of So You Think You Can Dance. You know Joe R., right? He's awesome. You might know me as "TWoP Dietrich", the name under which I make the SYTYCD forums such a joy to post in.

Okay, enough stalling. The auditions have dragged themselves away from Los Angeles and Phoenix (or "places they could get to easily while still shooting the last season) and now we're in Boston. Boston is full of backflips, apparently. Backflips are SYTYCD's answer to that warbling thing kids do on Idol. And apparently people in Boston don't mind doing that "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd" thing for cameras. How does Havahd feel about all those tourists always pahking their cahs there?

Our judges tonight are Nigel, Mary, and Tyce D'Orio, fresh from acting like a jackass in Every Little Step, in which he failed to get cast in the revival of A Chorus Line. Oh, and he won an Emmy for his choreography. And yet, I gravitate to the jackassery.

While Cat explains the drill, there is a brief montage of some people dancing, and some other people twitching spastically.

First up, we have a gentleman named Teddy Tedholm, who is wearing a yellow shirt, a bowtie, and plaid pants. He promises to do a dance "that accurately displays my personality". And how would he describe that personality? "Whimsical". Oh, lordy. Do I really have to tell you that he added air-quotes around that? So it's not just whimsy; it's ironic whimsy. If your whole personality is encapsulated by your bowtie, you need more personality. Or a less interesting wardrobe.

Teddy does one of those contemporary pieces that involves a lot of flailing around and acting, but very little in the way of traditional dancing. Tyce seems really into it, bobbing his head around like he totally gets it. Maybe he does. I'll say this for Teddy: it's definitely a routine, as opposed to the "whimsical" chaps who just spaz around the stage. Nigel praises the performance and loves the subtleties and musical games which were lost on me. Teddy says that he's performed that at "maybe six" dance competitions and won "maybe one". Mary decides that he's "crazy brilliant". Tyce says that Teddy's just like his pants, but he means it in a good way. More praise is heaped on Teddy, and he gets a ticket to Las Vegas. Well, good for him. He seems excited.

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