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Same-sex dancer alert! Someone warn Nigel! Willem de Vries, 29, and Jacob Jason, 29, both of West Hollywood, Calif., have been friends for a long time, but started dancing together while standing in line to audition for SYTYCD season 2, and since then have gone on to win a U.S. men's same-sex dancing title, and they want everyone to know that there's a world of same-sex dancing out there.

They dance a slow Latin ballroom, and while they're doing it, Nigel has to admit that they have nice lines. Mia is moved to tears by how good they are, as is Jacob himself, who says it's really important for young gay people to be able to express themselves, and this is the dance that he feels represents them the most. Nigel gives him a flat "wow" and turns the floor over to Mary for comments.

She says she can understand why he's welling up, and she's really proud of them. The dance showed all the passion, and how great lines and great technique. Mia wants to "celebrate their courage" and blah blah blah. Nigel thanks them for showing him how beautiful same-sex ballroom can be, and acknowledges he got into trouble last time for saying he wanted the men to dance with women, but he does want to see them go to choreography to see if anything changes. Willem points out that they do enjoy dancing with women too. This must be confusing for Nigel, who sometimes comes across like he expects all dancing couples to want to have sex with each other (and also for the woman to have sex with a particular judge).

Then it's time for a wacky audition to wrap up the day. Jonathan Noronha, 25, of Yuma, Ariz., gets the barest of introductions before we're with him on stage. He's carrying a couple of striped sticks that he waves around through some song that sounds like a cheerleading Bollywood disco routine. The song even spells out D-I-S-C-O, and he holds up letters at the same time, only for the "O" he holds up a picture of Mary's face. The judges all thank him for entertaining him, but he's not going through. What are you, crazy?

Anya and Pasha lead thirty dancers through a Latin ballroom routine. Hearing-impaired dancer Allison makes it through, while Demetrio quits halfway through, not being in his "comfort zone." Shorty's not strong enough to get through to Vegas, but same-sex dancers Willem and Jacob make it through, as do twelve other sexy heterosexual-sex lovin' dancers (presumably).

Day two of auditions in Phoenix sets us up for crazy freak auditions, like a guy with a bunch of busted-up yellow Chiclets for teeth and the girl who can kick herself in the head. Super-hyper auditionee Jarvis Johnson, 18, of Phoenix says he's very excited all the time, because if he's down and someone else is down, then they're just two down people. HOWEVER. If someone else is down, and he's up, then maybe he brings them up! He seems to be unaware of the possibility of pissing someone off with his ridiculous floor-rolling and bannister-riding, but he seems likeable enough. He takes the stage with a flurry of "woo!"s and launches into a high-energy routine that features him bending backward at the knees down all the way to the floor and back up again. He doesn't so much dance as vibrate right out of his shoes, and it's not without its charm, but he certainly runs out of steam by the end.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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