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The audition tour moves on to Phoenix, which appears to consist solely of cacti. Cat wants to know if this place will prove to be an oasis of dance talent. She's looking extra blonde and bronzed in the desert heat. Arizona looks good on Cat. Maybe while she's there she can come up with a solution for the coyote problem.

Cat gets out and dances with the crowd, those of whom aren't making wacky gestures at the camera, while "Hot in Herre" plays, which may as well be by the Glenn Miller Orchestra for how old it is on this show. There are many dancers flipping perilously over the pavement.

Joining Nigel and Mary at the judges' table is Mia Michaels, who must be thrilled about the law that was passed requiring her to be identified as "Emmy-winning" whenever she appears on the show. On the other side, there ought to be a law against the glasses she's wearing that, combined with her haircut, kind of make her look like Andy Warhol, who I don't think won any Emmys.

The first dancers to audition are Demetrio "Biggie" Bargas, 18, and Brandon "Shorty" Smallwood, 20, both of Tulsa. It should be noted that "Biggie" is far from an ironic nickname. Mary laughs as soon as the guy comes out on stage, with the far smaller Shorty, who does most of the heavy lifting, dance-wise, initially. Biggie stands there, apparently, before doing some arm movements and steps that are surprisingly fluid for his size. Brandon does some serviceable popping and locking, Biggie does some hip-hop, and it leaves the judges laughing, before they can launch into the inevitable "but you're not right for this show." Nigel admits that there isn't anybody watching who didn't enjoy it. He jokes that Demetrio didn't so much pop as wobble. And while Biggie's technique isn't as good as Shorty's, Mary found them adorable and Mia claims to love them. So Nigel calls their bluff by saying he'd like to send them through to choreography, and Mary agrees.

Say hi to Sasha Mallory, 21, of Bakersfield, Calif., who went straight through to Vegas in Season 4 but went no further. She's feeling more confident now, because her family's here, and she tears up as she talks about how all of them have put their lives on hold to be here with her today.

She places a chair at centre-stage and sits on it to open the routine, head in her hand. She writhes back and forth on the chair, before getting up and continuing her routine across the stage while somebody plinks away on a piano and a woman yowls about not having time. Annoying song, good routine. Nicely done flip.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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