So You Think You Can Dance
Auditions #1: New York

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Auditions #1: New York

Jenna Dejosia, 21, from Blue Point, N.Y., "knows she can dance," and we're spending an awful lot of time with her for someone whom we already saw just before commercial crying and cursing out Nigel, so we know where this is going. She can't even keep her balance as she attempts to leap and spin for the judges. Dan asks if she's ever been taught the proper way to break, and she says yes, and then Mary lowers the boom by asking her if she's saving it for another time. Then we find out she's a dance teacher, so Nigel breaks his promise to himself that he wasn't going to be mean. She stomps off stage, cries and swears, and tops off her overall crappiness with the always lovely "he should go back where he came from."

Chasmar Wells, 18, from Rochester is all angles and camouflage pants. The judges don't like him, and flat-out laugh at him. Melissa Browne, 21, from Schenectady flails about alarmingly until Nigel calls her a dancing version of Ugly Betty. D'oh! That's on ABC, Nigel!

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, in addition to being the place where Puff the Magic Dragon comes from, grew up in Israel, and worked as a dancer at weddings (?) and "events," and was dancing at a wedding when the floor collapsed, and we see it, on harrowing home video. She fell three-and-a-half stories and was partially buried in rubble. Twenty-four people were killed. Three-hundred and fifty people were injured. Her jaw and nose were broken, and she has metal plates in her face. She dances in a red halter top and short denim shorts. Unfortunately, she's not great, and Dan's not interested, but Mary and Nigel are perhaps a little more willing to acknowledge the whole degree of difficulty involved in being partially buried in rubble when a building collapses, and want to see her in choreography.

Jamal Weaver is a hip-hop dance instructor, who's here with some of his crew. Earnest "E-Knock" Phillips does a whole lot of breaking and flipping and running around and jumps off the stage at some point. I think there was confetti involved. Dan says everyone else should take notice. Nigel hopes he can handle choreography. Then Jamal takes the stage and, despite his enthusiasm, kind of stinks up the place. He claims to also do swing, and looks terrified when Nigel suggests he quickly work up a swing routine and come back.

Speaking of swing dancers, we have Joél Bernabel, with round-framed, yellow-lensed glasses. And he's dancing with his ex-girlfriend Carmen E. Lugo, and he whines about the relationship being over and says he's trying to be strong, and she chirps about how they're friends. Then we listen to that one swing song that everybody knows. They're terrible. I danced better than this at my wedding. I guess it's a fortunate thing they won't have to dance at their wedding. Joel threatens/promises to come back next year. His ex is apparently a dance instructor. How does this happen? Outside, they're asked if they're going to get back together after this. Joel says he doesn't know. Carmen's face says she does know, and the answer isn't yes. They walk away, with him wearing some kind of backpack stereo. Maybe he's a Transformer!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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