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Next we meet Terrell, who is from Liberty City, a super-rough neighborhood on the other side of Miami. He tells us that he didn't want to sell drugs or fall into a bad life and so he turned to dance, and that even more unusually for the neighborhood he decided to do contemporary dance. We meet his dad, who wasn't too sure about it at first, but who supported him and tells us how proud he is of his son. Oh, show, you didn't need to add the piano music as you show him dancing in the street outside his house, I'm already getting kind of misty! Sheesh. And then he's dancing his routine to "Black and Gold" by Sam Sparro, so now he's my new favorite. (Yes, I'm easy. And also fickle, I know it, it's okay.) His movement and his lines are amazing and Sonya is beaming as she watches him -- all three of the judges adore him and send him right through to Vegas.

Henry is the next dancer, and the poor kid is so nervous he can barely string together a coherent sentence when they interview him. He pulls it all together for his routine, though, a contemporary routine full of the flexed feet and backwards running we've come to love, but he's super sharp and manages to really make himself stand out. Sonya, never one to shy away from showing her feelings, exclaims throughout his entire routine. Nigel tells him he's brilliant for both having the technique and the performance, and Sonya tells him that his attention to detail was phenomenal. There's not much left for Jason to add other than that he loved it from start to finish, and all three agree he's the best dancer in Miami so far, and he's sent right to Vegas. Then a ballroom dancer, Daria, is trying out and her dad is there to act as her partner, which Nigel admits seems a little weird given that the routine is, well, all coupley as most ballroom routines are. Daria thinks it was something original that no one had done before but all of the judges seem a little uncomfortable and don't think it was necessarily a good kind of original, and she's dismissed. One of the last dancers of the day is a woman named Ami who has her six-year-old son with her, who is super cute and shows off the robot that she taught him. He's good! She says it's different being an older dancer who already has an established life with her family, but she also wants to do this for herself. First off I have to say she's one of the fittest people I've seen so far in this episode, and that's saying a lot given the fact that everyone is a dancer. She's clearly super strong, and as Nigel observes she's making a point to not make her routine smiley and girly, but he warns her to be careful that it doesn't cross over to looking just like exercises. He compliments her on having something that pulls the audience in, which was obvious from the standing ovation she got from a few of the other auditioning dancers. Sonya loves her and her strength, and Jason tells her that when she looked straight at the judges she drew him in amazingly. She's sent to choreography, and tells us she's excited to do the routine, and it showed -- they send her and nine others to Vegas.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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