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Only one dancer is left in New York, and her name is Megan, an 18-year-old dance major. She's a very curvy girl and says that she's been totally inspired by Mia Michaels since she made a career out of dance even without the typical slim little dancer body. Megan is a contemporary dancer, and her movements are beautiful -- both Mia and Adam are already crying only a few moments in to her routine. Adam congratulates her on blowing stereotypes out of the water and to his credit admits he can have those stereotypes and she totally just "schooled [him]." Mia tells her, "You make me so happy to be a woman of size." She cries as she tells Megan that she was told she'd never be a dancer because of her body, and she loves dancers for their spirit rather than their size and shape. Nigel is here to be the killjoy, and tells her that the reality is that she'll have a hard time finding jobs, but points out that Mia did too (Mia adds that she got, in fact, zero jobs) but that was what then sent her on the path to become a choreographer. They decide to send Megan to choreography to see how she fares, and she, Wadi and Edward are the three that we know who will be doing the routine -- Megan definitely struggled a little bit but I thought Wadi did quite well, and I'm surprised when both of them are dismissed. Edward, though, makes it on to Vegas (unsurprisingly) along with fifteen others that we haven't yet met.

Next up: Miami! Naturally this montage involves a lot of bikinis and bare torsos frolicking in the surf. We have a new panel here, as Nigel is joined by Jason Gilkison and Sonya Tayeh, who Cat reminds us is now "Emmy-nominated" choreographer Sonya Tayeh. The first guy to try out is a Czech ballroom dancer named Michael. He's been training in Germany for a competition in England but flew to Miami in order to have a chance to try out, of course. Awesomely, the reason he got into dancing was seeing Dirty Dancing when he was 11 years old, and specifically he mentions Patrick Swayze appearing half naked. Obviously, I already adore this guy. Nigel loves him for not pulling faces during his routine (though he does make a funny little fish face every so often, which is currently funny but could grate if he keeps it up), Sonya loves how precise he is, and Jason is the one who gives the most technical feedback (being the ballroom expert), that he managed to showcase his own footwork and skills while at the same time still being a really great partner. Michael is delighted and honored to hear that from Jason, and he's even more delighted when they send him straight to Vegas.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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