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The Good, The Bad, and the Broccoli

Nigel gives the day two's group of dancers the advice to show the judges something new, and the first dancer who is going to try to do that is a horror filmmaker named Jamie. He works for Troma Entertainment, who make low-budget cult horror films (the most famous being The Toxic Avenger and who seem to have maybe sponsored a bit of this episode given all of the coverage and the interview with founder Lloyd Kaufman. But there are lots of screams and fake blood and rubber heads during the segment, so it's actually pretty fun as these random segments go. Intercut are shots of Jamie dancing around in a fruit headdress, which is what he's worn to the audition along with a black dress, pink belt, and a carrot inexplicably sticking out of his top. Oh but wait! He winds up losing the dress until he's in a tiny pink tutu with broccoli taped to his chest, and he pulls one stalk off and throws it to Mia, all while dancing to "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off". Please, please, please let him be amusing in his interview, because this routine is totally amusing and goes against my usual hatred of joke auditions. Adam loves him and thanks him for sharing, Mia compliments him on his love of fruits and veggies, and basically they thank him for amusing them while obviously not inviting him on to Vegas, and Jamie has a totally fun attitude about it all. Bravo, sir.

I would describe the next montage, featuring all of the people who slipped and fell, but I'm covered in sympathy bruises and it would hurt too much, so on to the next dancer, Wadi. He's a free runner, which involves a lot of running over obstacles and up off of walls and anything he can find. He's a breakdancer, and his routine is interesting because he's so nonchalant about all of the moves that he makes it look almost easy and mellow and it took me a moment to realize how hard a bunch of these moves really are. They all love him and invite him back for choreography.

Back from commercial we go right into the routine of a dancer named Anthony who has amazing control and extension, and Nigel loves him. He's followed by a girl named Megan who is performing a contemporary routine to the normal female, aching, acoustic song but whose moves are just beautiful and flowing. Both are sent right to Vegas. Then we see a dancer called Edward, who tried out in season six, and he tells us that that was the first time his father ever saw him dance. He's super sweet, and as adorable as a bag of kittens! Kittens with zero body fat, that is. He's a ballerina and his movement is INSANE. This is where I am horrible at describing the movement, but basically he makes everything look effortless but he's clearly crazy strong. He manages to just exude a joy of dance while he moves. I'm not surprised to hear that he's in a pre-professional program with Alvin Ailey, and he then tells Nigel that his relationship with his dad, who never used to support him, has totally gotten better and grown since he got a chance to see him dance at the last audition. Mia tells him he's matured, and Adam adds to the love, but interestingly he just gets sent to choreography rather than straight to Vegas.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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