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Back from commercial, Cat clarifies that these NY auditions are taking place in the Bronx, birthplace of hip-hop, and they have some appropriately awesome street dancers. But first, we have to sit through a clown named Mike, who started a "renegade dance troupe" called 1-2-3 Party because he was tired of getting kicked out of clubs because of the way he danced. He and his two buddies are in neon green tees and unfortunate shorts, and call their dance style "dancetastic furious footwork from the '80s." Why am I even typing this out and encouraging this guy? He claims most people love it, and I might, if I felt like he had a sense of humor about himself. But after his jazzercise routine is over, he stands there, stone-faced, and can't crack a joke or even show any speck of emotion, and so I feel kind of like my time has been wasted. I'm relieved when he finally runs out with his boombox (the emotion that he does show is obviously carefully rehearsed) and we move on to more of the real dancers.

Next up is Teddy, who auditioned last time in pants he borrowed from the Norwegian curling team, but this time he's back in simple black pants and a white shirt, and he's dying to make it to Vegas again. His dance style is incredibly quirky but his movements are really full and he's got a lot of passion -- I feel like he's a judges dream but they all look so serious during his performance (and Adam's exclamations could have been good or awful, I couldn't tell) that I have no idea what they are going to say. I needn't have worried, though, because he makes Mia cry by tapping into the pain of being the unpopular kid who was made fun of, and she finds it brilliant and adores him. Adam loves how much he put himself out there emotionally and tells Teddy he's honored to have watched the routine. Nigel rains on the parade a bit by reminding Teddy how disappointing he was in Vegas last time, but gives him a chance to redeem himself this year, and Teddy is beside himself. After he's done we see a montage of dancers including an amazing ballerina named Briana and an awesome torso, I mean... dancer... named Daniel who are both sent to Vegas.

The next montage is of various hopefuls telling us what they do for their day jobs, and we meet Scott, a biohazardous remediation technician, which means he cleans up accident and murder sites, basically. It's hard for him to find a date when he tells girls what he does for a living, but dance is a way for him to get away from thinking about the brain matter he cleaned up earlier. I'm not sure how to describe his style, but I think basically it's line dancing, and I am not saying that at ALL from any sort of firsthand knowledge and recognition of some of the steps from back, say, in college when my friends and I could hypothetically have frequented a country bar, no siree, not at all. Aha! He confirms that it is in fact country line dancing. That was some brilliant guesswork on my part. The judges love him personally for his awesome attitude and crazy job, but he's not up to snuff with his dancing and he's sent home. The final dancer of the evening is a guy named Chris, a.k.a. Isolock, who is there with his mentor, Shockolock, who is basically a legend in the locking community. I'm a little creeped out by Chris' mime-like outfit of striped shirt and socks with black pants and top hat, but his moves are incredible, and when he puts his head down we see that he's got Nigel's face stuck to the top. Nigel says he's seen better isolations but not in tandem with the locking, and he and Mia both really like his style and how quirky he is, though they are both not sure what other styles he might be able to do. Adam thinks there were little glimmers of other styles in his routine, so he gets sent through to choreography. He and 33 others are there, and Courtney Galliano (season 4) and Jason Glover (season 5) are the ones teaching them their routine. Poor Chris is awful in the partner routine to "Bad Romance" and even drops his partner at the very end (though it's not very far, at least) so he's sent home, but while he seems bummed he admits he didn't have the training and so it was really hard for him. Bye, you crazy mime! Fifteen people we haven't seen yet are all totally stoked to get tickets to Vegas, and that's the end of day one.

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