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Welcome to a new season of So You Think You Can Dance! I am your substitute recapper, Lauren S, and am filling in just for tonight for Joe and Montykins, who will pick things up next week. We get a montage of hopefuls trying out and talking about how this is your one chance, and how if you want to make it as a dancer you have to make it on this show. (Or on Broadway, or with a famous company... but we aren't about to get obsessed with those things for the next 12 or so weeks.) Before all that, though, you need a ticket to Vegas, and that's what everyone is going for today. Cat Deeley is back, effervescent as always, and we're treated to a new montage of awesome-bodied dancers as she tells us that this will be the most competitive season yet since only ten people are making it to the finals this year. I, for one, am pretty excited about the new format, and can't wait to see how this goes.

The first stop on the audition trail is New York City. Wow, you know what song would be perfect to play at an event located in New York? "Empire State of Mind" by Alicia Keys! I'm glad this show finally used that because no one has really taken advantage of that connection yet. The judges here are Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman and MIA MICHAELS! I actually have a love/hate relationship with Mia but I think having a season off has done me a world of good -- I'm thrilled to see her again. My DVR has chosen tonight to have a fit and occasionally pixilate and drop sound, but fortunately I've watched this show a couple of times so I can fill in the blanks as Cat explains that the dancers will audition and one of three things will happen: 1. They will get a ticket straight to Vegas. 2. They will be asked to do choreography later in the day to see if they can handle it, after which they will either be asked to go to Vegas or be sent home. 3. They'll be sent packing. We're "treated" to a brief montage of awfulness to show some of those dancers that will surely be dismissed off the bat. With that, we're off and running.

First up we meet Sarah, a contemporary dancer who grew up being known as "the big dancer," and who felt really self-conscious about it, so she got back in shape in order to try out for this show. She's very good but doesn't take my breath away -- I think one thing about this being the seventh season is that we've seen some really phenomenal dancers and auditions, and so people have to do a little more now to really stand out. Nigel loves her, though, especially because of her resemblance to Charlize Theron. Mia thinks she dances beyond her years, and Adam loves her self-assurance, so they are sending her straight to Vegas. Next up are ballroom dancers Giselle and Henry, who have already been on Broadway in the show Burn the Floor. As you would expect from dancers talented enough to be in a Broadway dance-centric show, they are totally awesome and I could watch them forever. Everyone on the judge's panel is all hot and bothered: Mia thinks they did Latin ballroom "just right," Adam is just plain turned on, and Nigel saw them in Burn the Floor and remembers them from that show, so obviously both are straight through to Vegas.

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