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Life Is A Cabaret

Cat Deeley says that after the toughest show of the season it is time to send two people home. Are those two people going to nest in her odd Princess Leia-ish looking hair? Normally I'm a fan of Cat's craziness, but this 'do is a don't. Also, while she works it, I'm not really digging the red towel dress with the chunky Egyptiany necklace ensemble. I give her props for trying though. Can't say that Cat isn't a fearless fashionista.

The opening number is to "Money, Money" from Cabaret. Ooh, Alan Cumming is singing! Good sign. The girls are in glittery flapper-style outfits, the guys are in glittery suits with bowler hats. Seems very traditional Broadway. Mark gets a standout moment coming through a door and making a weird face while Alan Cumming sings "ooh, hunger." Then there are spinning pianos and girls stage diving (or I guess more accurately piano diving) off of them. Cat tells us that it was choreographed by Tyce Diorio. I'm thinking this isn't going to win him an Emmy. It was fine, but not memorable at all.

Cat tells us to be nice to the "jidges" because they don't have a fun job to do tonight. Cat introduces a video segment that shows "another side" of the normally nice Tyce Diorio. Have I shared before that my husband once misheard me saying his name as Tasty Oreo and now that's what I refer to him as? Anyway this seems to be an excuse to show more lame auditions. Apparently the judges start out being sweet on the road then begin to bare their claws, and Tyce made the biggest Jekyll and Hyde transformation of them all. At least he made Mary laugh. Tyce looks all embarrassed, as he should be for wearing that dumbass winter hat.

The first two couples on stage are Twitchington and Katee and Joshua. We see clips of Twitchington's dances and a bit of Kherington seeming worried about what Mia Michaels will think of their mattress dancing. Then they rehash Katee and Josh's performances. Interesting that they put the two teams who did Mia's dances together. The couple in danger is... neither of them. Lots of jumping around and screaming. Cat apologizes for making them sweat. Then tells them to get the hell out of there.

Back from the break and Kourtini with a K and Matt and Matt are standing in the spotlight. Kourtni has her hair styled in this spiky Mohawk-looking thing. Is that on purpose for her solo number? I wonder if she'll be dancing to "I'm Like a Bird." Backstage before their mambo, Matt cutely says that he's going to try and be sexy. Not so much. But he's kind of adorable looking all nervous. Unsurprisingly, they are in the bottom three. Tabitha and Napoleon aren't surprised. The loved them both during the auditions, but they aren't reaching out to America.

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