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We are live! Well, I'm not, because I'm on the West Coast. And you're not, because you're reading this recap instead of watching the show. But someone, somewhere watched this show live, and that's what counts.

We start with a peculiar, drapery-infested dance routine to the music of "Aha!" by Imogen Heap. The boys are all shirtless and the women are barely covered at all. I like to guess who choreographed these routines, and I'm going to go with Sonya. It's pretty and enjoyable, anyway. It's also hard to describe, which is why I'm kind of talking around the dance itself. Oh! It's actually by Wade and Amanda. So there you go: just imagine a Wade and Amanda piece that looks like it might be by Sonya and you'll have exactly this dance.

Cat comes out and introduces Adam, Cat, and Nigel, the last of whom she calls a "reprobate". Nigel seems to be in a better mood this week, saying that the show is "back on track". He also reminds us about the difference between "America's best dancer" and "America's favorite dancer", although that's mostly so he can emphasize the "dancer" part. Mary's advice for dancers in the bottom 3 is to, basically, stay awesome. Also, "take it to another level", which people are always doing on shows like these. And she points out that whoever leaves is still going to be a "celebrated dancer", which is a good point. Even if you miss the top 10, you can probably still find work. And Adam, for some reason, has to talk about how the dancers will be doing two dances next week. He interrupts his own segment to lavish praise on Wade and Amanda for the opening routine, which turns out to have been about museum pieces coming to life. So that's why everyone was under sheets to begin with.

But enough fun! It's time to crush some dreams. Ashleigh & Jakob and Karen & Kevin come out. Ashleigh and Jakob are safe, which is as it should be, because their routine was terrific. Nobody much liked Karen and Kevin last night, and they're in the bottom three tonight. I'm not surprised, and neither are the judges. Adam recommends that they "slaughter" in their solos. Metaphorically. Probably.

Coming back from the break, Cat sadly informs us that "your votes have put Karen and Kevin in danger tonight." Well, I think there's a chance that Karen and Kevin's dancing did that. Plus, I didn't vote. So there! Anyway, we've got three more couples to work through: Ellenore & Ryan, Russell & Noelle, and Channing & Victor. First up, Ellenore and Ryan. I continue to think Ellenore is awesome, and their dance last night was my favorite of the season so far. They're safe. Good! We can hear Ellenore's delighted squealing the whole time she's running off the stage. Noelle and Russell did the foxtrot, which they did well. According to the judges, who know more about the foxtrot than me and most of America combined. Victor and Channing did a dance that I've completely forgotten about except for the annoying Bobby McFerrin version of "Blackbird". Cat makes a reference to "pecking order", which draws an "oy!" from Adam Shankman. Cat's explanation of the results leaves a little something to be desired: "You guys are in the bottom three. Congratulations to you guys." Since she's off screen, it's not at all clear who's in and who's out. It turns out that Russell and Noelle are safe and Victor and Channing are not. Mary assures us that Victor and Channing are very good, but have maybe not been connecting with the audience.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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