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An All-Night Dance Adventure

I think Cat's makeup is on wrong. Or maybe she has a lopsided mouth. Just sayin'.

Anyway! This is where we find out if America has voted for the correct people, meaning that the people I and Joe R. like. Choose carefully! Before we get to that, though, the remaining ten dancers will be reenacting a postapocalyptic wasteland to the sound of Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me," which is a song I have an inexplicable fondness for. It's possible that they're not actually postapocalyptical. They might just be in one of those gangs that loves tight black jeans, crazy makeup and hair, and modern dance. This is what West Side Story would look like if it were made today. And it nearly is what Baz Luhrman's Romeo+Juliet looked like. Cat makes a slow appearance, explaining that she can't walk very fast in her tight dress. It's possible that the dress was designed not for walking, but being carried on a palanquin.

The dance was choreographed by Tyce DiOrio, who is almost exactly as "Rock & Roll" as Billy Joel. So that makes sense.

Cat tells us again that everything depends on the way we voted. And I didn't vote. So it's up to you. The judges claim that they're relieved not to be cutting anybody, but I think they're a little worried about allowing the show to fall into the hands of the public. We watch Noelle and Ryan's dances from yesterday, followed by Ashleigh and Legacy. As long as we're going over last night, I'd like to mention that I just did not get Ashleigh and Legacy's first dance, the one with all the kicking and posing. And then the vampire one was really silly and made me laugh a lot. Then Kathryn and Nathan, followed by Ellenore and Jakob. Ellenore and Jakob were awesome, as everyone knew they would be. Love Ellenore. Mollee and Russell were pretty good, which led Nigel to insist over and over that Mollee is mature. In a backstage clip, Russell tries to bring back "jive turkeys", which is long overdue.

Now there's a commercial for Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. So we're putting the fate of these ten dancers in the hands of the country that caused there to be a Squeakquel. I don't see any way this could work out poorly.

Hey! It's Dominic! At the opening of a store whose name I have just deleted! He has extremely silly hair and makes people dance for his amusement. Nice work. Wait, is this just a commercial? I feel used. Just for that, I'm going back to the beginning of the paragraph to delete the name of the store.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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