So You Think You Can Dance

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A Depressing Anticlimax

Alex is sad. I think he's allowed a few tears here. Mia is also sad, telling him he's "beyond special as an artist and a human being," and Adam calls him an inspiration. Cat rushes the judges a little so they can get to Alex's montage. If it were me, I'd just play that entire awesome hip hop dance from last week. Cat has to ask him how he feels, and he says all the things you'd expect about loving everybody and appreciating the chance. All the rest of the dancers are crying. Adam looks like he's been shot.

Postgame: Hey, wait a minute! What did Nigel mean, "The judges are unanimous"? Was there a chance that Mia was going to vote to eliminate Billy and keep Alex around? And do you think there's any way all the dancers didn't know the results of Alex's MRI as soon as he did? He's going in for surgery next week. This whole episode was a sham!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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