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As you remember, AdéChiké did Bollywood and showed too much personality or made it too "African" or something. And Cat smacked Mia down, which was great. He got enough votes to stay out of the bottom two, which causes a weirdly cut-off shriek. Ashley's in the bottom two, and Mia tells her she shouldn't be there. Then Mia apologizes to AdéChiké for being harsh and insensitive, because she thinks of herself as a teacher who gets frustrated when someone she believes in doesn't soar. She calls herself "Tough Love Mama Mia". Nice to get some closure on that, although I still think she's got a double standard for Jose.

So while Billy and Ashley go off to prepare for their solos, we get a package about Anya and Pasha, who are universally beloved. And they've never partnered since their first audition? That's dumb. So here they are, kicking ass and taking names! They're both awesome, and this is probably the best use of the "All-Star" concept. Just bring someone on for the Results show and let them show how great they are. Also, it seems like a waste not to have let Pasha and Anya do this back when they were contestants, because Cat is right when she calls the dance (and them) gorgeous.

Now, a guest performance from the cast of In the Heights. Well, at least it's an actual Broadway show and not a random singer. It's an interesting song with several interlocking melodies all being sung at once, but it's not really about dancing. So it's basically irrelevant. The choreography is by Andy Blankenbuehler, so there's a bit of a tie-in.

Solo time! Billy is a whirling, dancing force of nature. I guess you have to start fast when you have like 20 seconds to dance. Ashley does some very nice pirouettes and her time also feels like it ends way too soon. If only we had more time for them to dance! But of course we do not, because we need to squeeze in a famous singer of whom I've never heard.

Okay, this is Natasha Bedingfield. She doesn't have a big production with her; she just sings (well, she might be singing) while all-stars dance behind her. It's okay, I guess. Ms. Bedingfield has kind of a Lita Ford quality to her voice when she wants to. Sadly, she doesn't often want to.

It's decision time, and Alex is on stage in crutches. Nigel announces that the judges are unanimous. But first, the results of Alex's MRI. It's a lacerated Achilles tendon, which means the tendon has detached itself from the bone. What the hell, Alex's tendon? Staying attached to the bone is basically your only job! Nigel assures us that it's an easy operation (happening on Tuesday), but Alex will have to follow that by three months of rest. He's obviously invited back next year, but this means he's out. And Billy and Ashley both get to stay, which I guess is good news.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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