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Hmm. The stage is covered in white smoke, and the dancers are in loose-fitting white clothes. The music is Sting. There's someone standing on a platform with angel wings, not dancing. It should really be Alex, but it's not. It's all very contemporary, and I'm going to guess that it's by Mia. And I'm right! Hooray for me. And congratulations to Mia for her Emmy nominations, although I'm starting to think I like her better as a choreographer than a judge.

Also receiving shout-outs: Adam Shankman, whose Oscar telecast got twelve Emmy nominations (I didn't know there were that many categories for it to be nominated in!) including choreography, which he's particularly pleased by. Stacey Tookey and Mia also got nominated for choreography on this show, and Chelsie got nominated for Dancing With the Stars. It's nice to see Nigel remembers his show's alums. Oh, and there was a makeup nomination for So You Think You Can Dance itself. And Nigel is also happy about Glee. I think that covers it.

Nigel is also pleased that his National Dance Day has picked up a congressperson: Eleanor Holmes Norton, who you might remember from her appearances on the Colbert Report. And then there's something that tries to combine the words "congress," "flash mob" and "Malcolm X". My brain kind of shut down at that collision, so you'll have to Google it yourself.

Okay, enough self-congratulation. Billy and Lauren come out hand-in-hand to get the news. I don't normally recap the rerun content, but I'm going to repeat that I actually do like the song "Macavity." Now here's some real news: Billy is in the bottom two. Billy Actual Bell! Cat goes to Adam for comment, but first Adam has to acknowledge the guy who produced the Oscars with him. Then he speculates that maybe people don't like Cats. He also practically promises Billy that there's no way he's going home. Cat sends him offstage, and he seems like he's in a pretty good mood. Lauren is still on stage, and you'd think she'd be safe, right? I mean, it would be weird to just bring out the first two dancers and tell them they're in the bottom two. Yeah, she's safe.

Cat has some news relating to American Idol, which I consider to be Not My Problem. Then she brings out all five remaining contestants. Kent had a pretty good night and is safe. Jose generated a lot of silly nonsense from the judges about "accepting the challenge" and "having a heart that grabs the audience" and is also safe. Robert may or may not have messed up a flip, but he's safe. That leaves Ashley and AdéChiké. A time-filling commercial goes here, so I'm going to start a new paragraph.

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