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Before I start talking about tonight's episode, I want to address something Cat said yesterday. After the Billy-Anya number, she called Anya a "sex bomb". And then there was a lot of chuckling about how people thought she said "sex bum". Because who calls someone a sex bomb? Me, that's who! I direct you to the blurb for the "Top 10 Perform" episode, where I asked the question "What happens when all-star sex bombs get paired up with young, innocent contestants?" So what we have here is me using a weird term to describe Anya (among others), and then Cat Deeley does the same thing. And I'm delighted, because this is my first opportunity to take a strained coincidence and declare a shout-out! From now on, I shall assume that Cat is reading everything I say. Hi, Cat! You know that even though everyone is mad at the judges right now, we all still love you, right?

Okay, that was fun. I've always wanted to make an extremely sketchy "Shout-out!" claim. Mooving on, there's a whopping big Broadway number to start the show, and it features all-stars and some current dancers. This is a great leap forward, in that I can tell who practically everyone is. Well, mostly. But the times I have trouble it's because they're all moving really quickly and not because the stage is all covered in fog, Mia. This is a Tyce routine, and it serves as a nice reminder that I do like Tyce some of the time.

As you remember, Ashley was injured yesterday and she's in the bottom three automatically. Now that they've dealt with two injuries in the same way, I'm starting to believe they actually do have a plan written down.

Dance day. I will not be participating. And that Tabatha/Napoleon number doesn't thrill me either. Nigel's got a flashmob going on, if that's the sort of thing you're into.

But enough fun! It's time to end someone's dream. Lauren and Kent come out. Lauren didn't have a great night, in my opinion, because Tahitian is not the way to America's heart. And just like Joe, I can't hear Boogie Shoes without thinking of Sports Night, although I go to the earlier scene with Casey and Dan. "I'm not promoting the economic upside as much as I am the opportunity to drink something giant and blue." It's the first 1:10 of this clip. And before you know it, I've missed the dance, which the judges assure me was terrific. Kent, meanwhile did that baseball thing with Neil, and I liked how their uniforms were dirty. That was to convey grittiness. Then there was the neat contemporary dance with AdeChiké where they rerun Nigel's line about Kent having an excellent chance of being the champion. This time, they cut the part where he said, "Now that Alex is gone". Cat gets caught in a syntax loop when she tells them they're both safe.

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