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Kent, AdéChiké, and Robert come out for more results. One more dancer will join Lauren in the finale, and we are told that this dancer and Lauren were the top two. It's Kent! Obviously. As Cat hugs Kent, she points the other two off the stage. She's always got her mind on business. Nigel reminds us that the top two (Lauren and Kent, in some order) were very close in votes. He also brings up Kent's facial expressions and reminds him that the dancer isn't the artist; the choreographer is. The dancer is just the choreographer's brush. Well, then why aren't we finding America's Best Choreographer? Seriously, why aren't we?

Would you like to see a professional dancer? Well, say hello to Desmond Richardson! He, for some reason, is dancing to "Sympathy for the Devil". This is an interesting routine, because it's full of movements that you feel like anyone can do, but they're all done so perfectly that it's beautiful. I think this is what the lousy auditioners think they're doing.

And now for some more stalling, although it's at least a little relevant this time: the top 4 dancers get in a stretch Hummer limo to go to the premiere of Step Up 3D. Here's what we learn from the clips: One gentleman, who I think has speakers in his jacket, says "Nobody battles the Samurai just once." Other guys have light-up neon clothing. One dance-off takes place in a giant puddle of water. There's an after-party, in which the director warns us that he assaults the audience with dance.

Now it is time for Flo Rida, performing a song from the movie. I think that might be Lauren Gottlieb dancing next to him, but the camera won't hold still long enough for me to tell. [It is! - Angel] When he insists that people put their hands up, Cat and Nigel happily participate. Twitch and Dominic are definitely involved in the dancing, but I can't see what they're doing. That seems unproductive. I'm tired of this song and I miss my TiVo's magical fast-forward button. Man, watching live television feels weird.

As we go to the break, Cat tells Flo Rida that he smells lovely. I don't know when I've typed a weirder sentence.

Oh, we're back! AdéChiké and Robert await the word. I still think it's weird that this is the first vote where the public actually decided anything. And the person in the finale is ... Robert! Lauren is delighted, and it looks to me like Kent is delighted for Lauren. I think Robert and Lauren have a little thing going, that's what I'm saying. AdéChiké has a montage that includes two of my least favorite moments from the season: Cat screwing with him before telling him he's on the show (remember when the judges told the dancers personally?) and Nigel calling him "Ade-CHEEKY!" He seems pretty composed about the whole thing and points out that this isn't the end of the world or anything. And what will he miss the most? "The homies," by which he means his fellow dancers. One of the things I really like about this show is that everyone gets along. As soon as they're allowed to, the other three get back up on stage to hug AdéChiké. That sort of thing.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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