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Everyone gets a solo tonight, which I think is a good idea. I'm in favor of anything that gets the dancers out on stage dancing. So here's Lauren, showing more skin than usual. That was Lauren, everybody!

Okay, so we're twenty minutes in, and we're no closer to finding out who's eliminated. And I don't think we'll be getting any news anytime soon. It's because we have to have dancers studied by branded sports drink scientists. This segment is setting new heights for product placement, and I don't say that lightly. On the plus side, Twitch and Courtney look hilarious with all that stuff strapped to their heads while they pedal stationary bikes. Oh, and the tie-in here is that this particular sports drink has declared dancing to be a sport and dancers to be athletes. Thanks, sports drink!

Kent! He made Cat and Adam very emotional last night. Not with the disco routine. Say, am I the only one who wouldn't mind disco going away from this show? It seems like its only purpose is to let Nigel tell people about the time in his life when he was hip. Oh, and here's Kent's solo, which ends with a series of backflips.

The dancers line up to find out the name of one of the top two dancers. Kent seems confused and if I had a TiVo here, I could tell you what he said. Cat takes her time but eventually announces that Lauren is in the finale. Everyone's happy for her! Cat, the audience, the other dancers, and the judges are quite pleased. Adam shrieks incoherently and then claims that he prayed for her. Yes, Adam, I like her too. But calm down already. As Cat describes the rest of the show, Lauren is having trouble maintaining a straight face. I think she very much wants to run around and jump up and down and scream for joy.

You will never ever guess what sports drink has commercials during this show.

Cat tells us about the tour, which will feature this year's top six, plus All-Stars, plus Russell from last season. And then it's time to consider AdéChiké. The judges liked his Contemporary more than his African Jazz, which I think might be because the judges like Contemporary more than any other form. He comes out and his solo is basically The Robot. I liked it!

Quick, who's the final member of the top four? That's right! It's Robert! I thought that clown hip hop number was trying too hard. Possibly because when I hear "clown hip hop" now, all I can think of is "Fuckin' magnets! How do they work?" His solo is a collection of interesting moves, performed in sync with the music.

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