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The Midnight Ride

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Paul Revere Was a Terrible Dentist
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Welcome to this week’s edition of So You Think You Know History, where Ichabod Crane takes us on a twisty ride through the truer side of history. This week’s Sleepy Hollow opens during the American Revolution, the night of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride. Instead of telling people "The British are coming!" he and his fellow alarm-sounders are whispering "The regulars are coming," because as Ichabod later explains, "We were all British" so it wouldn’t make much sense to yell the more famous phrase. After that’s cleared up, the soon-to-be Headless Horseman chases down the rebels and beheads everyone except for Paul Revere, because we can’t lose one of our American heroes in the first five minutes of the show. That would just be cruel. Also, Paul Revere was never actually beheaded, so that helps too.

Back in our time, Abbie and Ichabod are preparing "kits" full of water and canned goods. No, they’re not helping out needy families during Thanksgiving, these are survival kits and it’s all part of Abbie’s plan to beat the Horseman. She fills us in on part two of her diabolical plan: a shotgun. Oh yes, that thing that didn’t stop the Horseman the first time he attacked the town. While Ichabod stews over Abbie’s willingness to pay for bottled water (a sentiment I don’t take total issue with), she tells us the real reason she’s determined to use this terrible plan: she refuses to ask the Masons for help because of their "no girls allowed" policy. I’m all for a stand for feminism, but Death incarnate is coming and he’s going to kill everyone if he’s not stopped, Abs.

Abbie is momentarily distracted from her insufficient plan when she runs into her ex, Luke, on her way to the station. He says he still cares about her and flashes a cute, dimply smile, so she agrees to a coffee date… set for the day after the arrival of the Horseman. This date is doomed and Abbie needs a day planner.

But if Abbie’s schedule wasn’t enough of an issue, that night, Brooks (the officer whose neck was snapped backwards in the pilot) is back and fully ready to admit to anyone who’ll listen that he’s undead. He corners Luke in an alley and warns him to stay away from Abbie because Brooks will protect her and only the chosen ones will survive the coming evil. His statements aren’t exactly logical, but when he holds a pistol against Luke’s neck and creates an association between Abbie and certain death, the deal is sealed. Luke is now completely terrified of his ex.

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