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Not a Creature Was Stirring… Unless You Count The Golem

When Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry arrive at the nearby carnival, Ichabod insists on dealing with the women who tortured his wife by himself. When he enters, they’re not sure who he is, but they read his palm and realize he’s lived since the 1700s. They deduce that only one person has that fate (Jesus, let’s hope so) and announce that his arrival means they will all finally die.

That ominous statement doesn’t really faze him, so Ichabod asks them to release Katrina in exchange for him saving them from the Golem. Instead, they decide it’s best to condemn Katrina’s decisions one last time and blame Ichabod’s second coming for all the pain that his family suffered in his absence. Ladies, lighten up on the poor guy. He feels guilty enough already. But it gets worse. They learned of Jeremy and his Golem and offered their help, but Jeremy didn’t want it, so they imprisoned the Golem in purgatory and used a spell to stop Jeremy’s heart. Bottom line: they put his wife in purgatory and murdered his son. Here are all the f**ks Ichabod gives about these ladies now: 0. Still, before he leaves them to be crushed by the Golem’s violent, cartoonish stumps, he learns that only Jeremy’s blood can stop the Golem. Damnit.

Luckily, Henry is around to point out the obvious: Jeremy’s blood came from Ichabod, so Ichabod’s blood can stop the Golem too. Voila. Conveniently, the Golem shatters a mirror, and a shard of it gets stuck in Ichabod’s shoulder, making for the perfect Crane Blood-soaked knife. Ichabod greets the Golem and thanks him for acting as the only father Jeremy ever knew and begs him to let Jeremy go now that he’s dead. Tell it to yourself, Ichabod. Ichabod has clearly lost it, because the creature just pauses and then lunges, forcing him to kill it. He kneels by the Golem and uses the dying creature to say goodbye to his son, and it seems he may finally understand that despite all the magical happenings, not everyone in his family cannot return through magic.

Before he leaves, Henry cements himself as part of the crew, saying he is fated to help them (sometimes…John Noble is expensive!). As the episode closes, Abbie gives Ichabod his Christmas present: embroidered hosiery (or a Christmas stocking). It seems all is well as Abbie runs off to get some comfort food, but this is Christmas time, not a Christmas story, and Ichabod is pulled into another vision. This time it’s Moloch and he says that both Abbie and Ichabod will die, but that Ichabod will be the one who delivers Abbie’s soul to him. This can’t really be true, can it? That would change everything. Of course, we’ve seen that sort of cliffhanger before on this show and everything manages to turn out alright, so enjoy your holiday instead of worrying about whether or not our heroes are going to die in January.

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