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Not a Creature Was Stirring… Unless You Count The Golem

At Abbie and Ichabod’s de facto headquarters, Henry notes that one of the librarian’s boxes is filled with pain. Though, if she was always that salty, there’s probably more than one with a little of that. Still, Ichabod listens and recognizes the symbol from Katrina’s coven on a box that looks nothing like the others (go figure that’s the important one). The box contains a journal with a drawing of Jeremy’s doll and it’s apparently laced with more pain than Henry can bear. The pain gives him a vision in which Jeremy is whipped by a priest until his rage manifests itself and a drop of blood from his nose turns his doll into a protector, who then kills the priest. And now that clobberer is the guy who’s sort of a big ol’ problem.

Irving is dealing with some problems of his own. While strolling through the park with his daughter, he offers up a summer camp for kids in wheelchairs and she remarks that he always talks to her like she’s helpless. She’s strong and she’s not giving up. Clearly, this is meant to be Irving’s shining "don’t stop trying to save the world because it’s hard" moment. Unfortunately, he’s distracted when a demon inhabits the hot chocolate vendor he’s speaking to and starts asking if his daughter is strong enough to fight for her soul. Irving, of course, lunges at the guy, which sends the demon spirit into a nearby old woman (ooh, a new demon trick!) while the cops confront Irving. To just about everyone except the Sleepy Hollow cop, it looks like he’s lost his mind—a reading not lost on his disappointed daughter. Sorry, Irv. Guess that’s part of the whole sacrifice lesson you’re trying to learn this week.

Ichabod is wallowing in guilt over not raising his son (hello, you were "dead," so you’re kind of off the hook) and allowing him bring evil into the world. Henry speaks something that sort of sounds like reason, assuring Ichabod that if Jeremy is his son, there’s got to be some good in him. Henry uses the metaphor "molded from your clay" and it jogs Ichabod’s memory; he realizes that Jeremy’s doll-protector is a Golem. This means that the creature is filled with the passions and fears of its creator, Jeremy. This also means that since the coven tormented his mother, the Golem likely killed the librarian for her involvement and will seek out the others now that he’s finished her off. The problem is that they have no idea who the other witches are.

Luckily, they happen to be staring at a pile of ticket stubs from a carnival show called "The Four Who Speak As One." Abbie recognizes them from her encounter with Katrina and sees that the foursome is doing shows nearby. At a snail’s pace, our trio realizes that if those witches are in the coven, they were probably the ones who sent Katrina to purgatory; they can get her out. Then comes slow-moving step two: if the Golem is after the coven, he’ll go after the Four next. And finally, step three, drawn out like teeth from a patient without Novocain: they must stop the Golem from killing the Four so they can free Katrina. Now that it took them so long to figure this all out, we can be certain none of that will work.

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