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Not a Creature Was Stirring… Unless You Count The Golem

Once he hears this, Ichabod vows to come back for Katrina, but not before he jaunts back to the real world for a bit because dear me, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s a giant ogre or demon with stitched eyes and lips coming after you, Ichabod. Ichabod lands back in Sleepy Hollow with one mission-- the same mission he had before he left -- find out what happened to Jeremy. He doesn’t know it, but it just so happens the stitch-mouthed monster somehow followed him back to the real world, so he’s about to have yet another problem on his hands, too.

To solve this unsolvable mystery, Ichabod does a little math: he could have up to 6,000 offspring. Crap. Abbie suggests they check the old Sleepy Hollow records because more likely than not, the kid didn’t it make it all that far. For reasons they don’t yet understand, they decide it’s important to keep Henry around, so Abbie regales him with their collective back stories-- they’re all without any real family. (Despite the fact that Abbie has a sister Jenny, but maybe she doesn’t count). They’re meant to work together. Again, Henry holds off with mountains of stubbornness only to let it all go like a big breath and agree to stay until the 12:44 AM train.

Meanwhile, Irving is visiting his pastor in Manhattan where he learns about about the story of martyrs and apostles. He takes it to mean that his job as a cop has likely doomed him and he’s frustrated because all he wanted to do was help people. Oh, I’m sorry, stopping the four horsemen of the apocalypse from showing up and killing everyone -- regardless of whether or not you live to tell the tale -- is most definitely helpful. Maybe put together a will and ask your daughter to throw you a parade when you go if you need glory, dude. She might even be a little more willing since Irving’s trip also involves a visit with his her and a few longing glances at his ex-wife.

At the library, Ichabod is facing off with the librarian, who won’t lead him to the town records. Ichabod brushes past and finds them himself pausing momentarily under the mistletoe and looking at Abbie as if he might kiss her, but luckily she rolls her eyes and moves on. (Thank goodness. Do we really need romance where there’s already such great friendship?)

The records stated that Jeremy started a fire by crying and burned down the church, killing Grace and her husband. They know nothing beyond that. But Henry -- whose presence makes sense again -- says he can smell the sin (lies) on the librarian. She knows more. Unfortunately, she’s already in her car outside where the stitch-mouthed creature has found her and crushed her, leaving only her bloody arm. Maybe that’s what they smelled. Naturally, Ichabod and Abbie just take all her stuff and start going through it. She did lie to them, after all.

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