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Not a Creature Was Stirring… Unless You Count The Golem
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The final episode before Sleepy Hollow’s holiday break was full of fast-paced information. Unfortunately, it didn’t leave room for much else.

We open with our weekly lesson in the differences between Revolutionary War America and contemporary America. This time, Ichabod explains the difference between "egg and grog" and "egg nog." I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say, the creamy rum drink we know and love today sounds a lot better. When Ichabod’s done explaining history, we’re treated with a vision of him chopping wood (I like his brain, too, I promise), exerting his frustration over not knowing the whereabouts of his son. Now that he’s learned he had a son, he’s sure that Moloch chased him down as a means of finding Ichabod and this is why they need to find Katrina. You know, "I love my wife and I’m curious about what happened to my son" would have been a totally legitimate reason, too.

To do so Ichabod calls in Henry Parrish (John Noble), the sin-eater, to connect Ichabod to purgatory so he can speak with Katrina. Henry puts up a mild fight (there’s no time for a real one on a fast-paced episode like this) then agrees to help. But in order to connect Ichabod to purgatory, he needs to get him as close to death as possible. Naturally (or a word that means the opposite of that), he lunges forward and chokes Ichabod while asking him to think of Katrina as his destination. Abbie’s only mildly confused by this and lets it continue, though you have to wonder about an old man’s touch being a little less than exact, so it was mildly terrifying to watch.

Once in purgatory, Ichabod finds Katrina in a church with the same creepy black doll Abbie saw when she visited Katrina. Katrina is upset that he’s there because Moloch will surely find him, but he demands answers about his son. She says that she didn’t know about the pregnancy until after Ichabod died and that every time they’ve met in purgatory or dreams, she’s had limited time to get her message across. It seems reasonable enough, so Ichabod continues to listen. She named their son Jeremy and that when she learned she was pregnant she was on the run from her coven, who were hunting her down for saving Ichabod and changing fate. She escaped to the Fredericks’ home (as we saw last week) and had her baby there, but she didn’t keep him. Knowing her coven would never let up, Katrina left Jeremy with Grace (Abbie’s ancestor who helped Katrina escape that gnarly tree beast) and her husband, leaving only the ugly doll that keeps appearing to Abbie and Ichabod for Jeremy to remember her by. Katrina made the doll (good thing she wasn’t a toy maker because that thing is terrifying) and she left it with Jeremy to "protect" him when she couldn’t. "Remember this part, it’s important later," it screams the extreme emphasis placed on this damn doll.

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