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by Angel Cohn September 17, 2013
Sleepy Hollow: Pilot Review

This show about Sleepy Hollow, gets off to a bit of a sleepy start, and well, we're confused about just how long the two leads can survive fighting off this same big bad. It's not like a headless guy who can only come out at night is really able to blend in with society all that much.

Back in 1781, the Revolutionary War was in full tilt in the Hudson Valley and the unlikely hero of our story (Ichabod Crane, in case you've never heard the age-old tale of the Headless Horseman) was dodging bullets and looking dashing while doing so. Well, until a big intimidating dude with a black metal mask on, who looks like Bane shows up. The Bane guy wields and ax and has a strange cross burned into his hand. He stabs our hero (who has the worst shocked expression ever), and in retaliation, Bane dude gets his head whacked off.

We fade to black, hear some vague talk of there not being much time, and flash to see Ichabod crawling out of grave in a cave. His awakening is so compelling that jars bust open and frogs spring to life (even though they looked to be in formaldehyde)… so maybe the reviving mojo had a wide radius? He examines his healed scar, sees the cave entrance and stumbles out where he crosses a lovely cement dam and walks through the woods until he encounters a paved road. Of course since it is foggy out, he's nearly killed by several moving vehicles. When one driver gets out to check on him, he runs fast away, but not before we see him staring at a bird for a really long stretch of time.

We then move to a diner where two cops are eating what looks like some truly delicious food. Sheriff Clancy Brown sees an unsolved homicide in the paper in a nearby town and decides to see if he can help. Abbie (introduced thanks to the extremely helpful waitress) steals some French fries, and I can't say as I blame her… they are a perfect golden brown. Sheriff Clancy Brown starts talking about the unusual amount of unsolved cases in the area, and a priest looks over at them suspiciously. He says she's going to miss all this excitement when she takes off for Quantico. She's excited that she's part of an FBI feeder program, but he thinks she's really just running away. The priest and sheriff share a brief acknowledgment of each other's existence before the Sheriff and Abbie leave.

Once outside they get a call from dispatch a local stable that has some spooked horses, most likely coyote related. There's an unnecessary shot that tries to be artsy by flipping the image upside down, and then we are at the stable and it is suddenly thundering to add to the mystery of it all. Abbie (aka Lieutenant Mills) is looking for the owner of the property, while the Sheriff heads off to the barn to see the horses. Abbie notices that the owner's truck is there, but with the door open. A shotgun is on the ground. Abbie walkie-talkies the Sheriff to tell him that she's found the weapon, and then a minute later that she's found a headless stable owner, but in the meantime the Sheriff has run into some troubles of his own. He's got a headless revolutionary soldier who appears to be bulletproof and still good with his ax. Abbie hears the shots and heads to the barn, just in time to see the ax go through the door, and the rider head off on a beautiful white horse, without his head. Also, Poor Sheriff Clancy Brown's decapitated head is laying in the dirt.

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