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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Demons
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We’ve waited weeks for the return of Sleepy Hollow, and right off the bat they give us baseball. Plain ol’ yell-at-the-chump-ump baseball. But it’s the calm before the storm. Ichabod is baffled by Abbie’s proclivity for yelling at the game officials, but when she says she loves sports because the rules never change (unless they start debating about repealing designated hitters or adding instant replay for the umpires), it’s all about teamwork (unless you’re a designated hitter), and it’s rife with tradition, Ichabod starts to come around and calls the ump "basket face." Solid burn, Crane.

Of course, this cute little moment is made eerie when Abbie calls contemporary Sleepy Hollow Ichabod’s home and he smiles about being able to find his way home all by his big boy self. He takes a detour on the way home to Katrina’s grave and apparently, that’s exactly where he shouldn’t have gone because he’s hit with a poison dart and dragged away.

Meanwhile, Abbie is about to become a danger to her fellow drivers. While driving home, listening to Billie Holiday, Abbie has a vision. It starts off all creepy with crying babies that turn out to be voodoo dolls and the Headless Horseman chasing her through a seemingly haunted house, but it gets scarier when she finds Katrina. This isn’t a vision, it’s one of Katrina’s dream doorways, which means Abbie is asleep at the wheel. Hey, unsafe driving is just as terrifying as the four horsemen of the apocalypse when it comes down to it, OK?

But Katrina has a point: the Headless Horseman is returning the next night, so they must defeat him. There is just one catch, because of course there is: when she cast a spell on Ichabod she unwittingly linked him to the Horseman, so that if the Horseman goes down, so does Ichabod. The only way to save Ichabod from suffering the Horseman’s fate is to find a sin eater to unlink them, before the Horseman returns. But first she has to find Ichabod, who’s been taken. And that would be easier for Abbie to do if Katrina didn’t almost kill her by coming to her in a dream when she was behind the freaking wheel. But Abbie narrowly misses death-by-semi and takes her knowledge to Irving.

When Abbie finishes explaining that she knows how to save Ichabod and that the Horseman is coming back because a witch who appeared in her dream says so, Irving rolls his eyes and gives her the keys to the kingdom. And in this case, the kingdom is Jenny Mills’ temporary leave from the sanitarium so that she can help her sister save her off-payroll, time-traveling partner. And Abbie chose the correct seemingly impossible request: Jenny did come across a sin eater on her travels, which gives them an actual lead.

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