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Despite its origins in absurd supernatural and mystical forces, Sleepy Hollow does get sweetly sentimental on occasion. There’ve been moments of great friendship and understanding between Abbie and Ichabod on more than one occasion, but this week, just in time for Thanksgiving, our duo and their cohorts actually take time to meditate on family and what the holiday actually means.

The episode begins as a Washington D.C. billionaire named Lena Gilbert (no relation to Vampire Diaries’ Elena Gilbert, though I did do a double take when I heard her name the first time) comes to Sleepy Hollow to take possession of her ancestors’ home, Fredericks Manor. Before we can learn much about this pretty, privileged lady, she’s wrapped up by living branches and pulled into a closet. There is something seriously rotten in what she thought would be a nice vacation home.

But billionairesses who’ve dated George Clooney (Abbie’s mystical Internet tells us so) certainly aren’t allowed to go missing, so when Irving gets wind of her disappearance, he sends Ichabod and Abbie after her. Of course, this couldn’t have come at a worse time, as the seasonal depression brought on by a lack of loved ones during Thanksgiving has overtaken Ichabod. He needs Katrina because she’s his family and the fact that they now need her to save the world too only makes it worse. Abbie gives him the night off, but of course, duty calls yet again.

Before running off to find her, they find that Lena had notes with the name "Katrina C." written in them. Abbie says it’s a coincidence, but Ichabod knows that the notes refer to Katrina Crane, his wife. Abbie and Ichabod consult the Internet (super high-tech police stuff, here) and find that Lena’s a descendant of Lachlan Fredericks, who was a charter man of the Continental Congress. (See: important dude.) To make matters worse, it appears that her home, Fredericks Manor, is haunted or cursed, because it has had no residents for longer than a few weeks since Lachlan Fredericks died. Sure, guys. Head right in, guns a-blazing. Great idea.

When the duo arrives, something is very, very amiss. Ichabod immediately remembers that he’s visited the house before. It was a sanctuary for freed slaves who worked there of their own choosing for fair wages; Lachlan was an early abolitionist. However, in present day, the house plays host to violence. Lena’s private security guard is dead and there are bloody hand prints all over the floor, signifying that someone -- Lena -- was dragged away from her slain protector.

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