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For the Triumph of Evil

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Mr. Sandman, Skip the Dreams and Grow a Pair
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Pay attention, because this episode of Sleepy Hollow packed about an episode and a half of story into a tiny, 45-minute package. The show opens with Abbie being pulled into the precinct to watch a suspect being questioned. Things take a turn for the weird and immediately, we know it’s a dream. Ichabod has milky white eyes and is interrogating the suspect, who turns out to be teenage Abbie.

Finally, adult Abbie enters the room only to find that she’s trapped and Ichabod is actually a white demon with black eye sockets from which streams of sand are pouring. Right on cue, she wakes up in her own bed only to get an actual call from Captain Irving asking her to come down to a crime scene. Even before Ichabod tells Abbie, we know what’s up: our girl is having premonitions.

At the scene, Dr. Mara Vega is threatening to jump from a building while requesting to speak with Abbie, who she’s never met. "It’s not her fault. I believed her and I lied," cries Dr. Vega with the milky white eyes Abbie saw in her dream before telling Abbie that "we" all deserve what’s coming and leaping to her death. When they check out the body after Abbie tells Irving the eyes were glazed white, Vega’s creepy eyes erupt into sand. With the eye color, sand, and emergency phone call (all of which happened in Abbie’s dream ) accounted for, Abbie makes the final connection: while she knows that Dr. Vega treated her sister Jenni at the asylum, she’s never met or seen her and yet the woman appeared in Abbie’s dream. Luckily, we quickly find that the dream is created by the white demon with the sandy eyes. Abbie is not adding "oracle" to her already extreme title of supernatural detective. That would be a little much, no?

Realizing that "I believed her and I lied" refers to Dr. Vega’s interaction with Jenni, Ichabod and Abbie return to their dusty unofficial headquarters to read through Jenni’s records and interviews. In case it wasn’t already obvious (it was), they "figure out" that Vega knew Jenni was telling the truth about seeing the demons in the forest with Abbie, but she lied and kept Jenni institutionalized rather than risk looking foolish. Abbie rationalizes that Vega killed herself out of guilt, but, girl, don’t you realize what’s happening yet? This is supernatural territory, so just accept it. Rational answers are never going to be right.

Luckily, Ichabod reins Abbie into their reality where the more fantastical explanation is actually a far safer bet: this mysterious demon is clearly sending evil mercenaries after Abbie and her sister, so they should probably visit the younger Mills sibling in the asylum. Jenni won’t see Abbie, but she will apparently see Ichabod while Abbie has a panic attack as she realizes that Jenni is the "49" Corbin warned her about last week.

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