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Secret Secrets Hurt Everyone
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The season finale of Sleepy Hollow is finally upon us and deception is the name of the game. We open with Ichabod finding himself in the middle of a Revolutionary War reenactment, and while he's perplexed when he realizes it's all fake, he buys one of the costumes so that he may update his 1700s wardrobe properly before convening with Abbie and Jenny to await Henry's arrival.

Henry gathered them around to tell them about his premonition in which Moloch resurrects the second horseman of the apocalypse: War. They suppose it's a dream, but Henry knows it's not. He saw a solar eclipse in the dream and one is scheduled for today. Jenny adds that it's also the anniversary of she and Abbie seeing Moloch in the forest. There's no way around it: War is coming to Sleepy Hollow.

The gang reconvenes at the rectory, where Ichabod says he found out that a binding spell over the soil where the second horseman is buried will keep him from emerging. They have no witches left, so they need Katrina – and despite the difficulty of this endeavor, Ichabod's joy cannot be contained. He admits that he used his photographic memory to redraw the map. Abbie is furious that he lied, but she knows they need it so she allows the plan to continue. Now they just need to figure out how to use the damn near incomprehensible scribble.

Abbie brings a gift from Irving to the table: a day planner that shows Corbin met many times with the reverend. Jenny's task is to sift through the tapes and find something useful in what amounts to hours of audio. But it's not the prospect of a pointless job that makes Jenny angry; she pulls Abbie aside to tell her that she can't lose her again. But Abbie is determined to face Moloch herself and be done with the ordeal. She refuses to be a victim and she promises that she will return.

Once Abbie and Jenny resolve that the journey is something Abbie must do, Ichabod looks just a little too eager considering they're probably going to their deaths. (Though, if Ichabod could use that map stored in his photographic memory as a freaking photo in his memory, perhaps this journey wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as carrying a paper copy.)

With a hop skip and a jump to the supposedly hard to find location (so hard to find that George Washington had to take the location to his secret grave) and Henry says if they are offered food or drink in purgatory, they must refuse it because if they ingest it, they will be trapped there forever. Ichabod and Abbie recite the doorway incantation to open the gate to purgatory as Henry assures them nothing can break the bond they've created. He fills them up with this strength as they hold hands and enter the crystalline walkway together.

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