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Daniel comes in and tells Irene that there's a helicopter waiting for her. Irene doesn't want to leave, so Esther tells her that they'll just take her to a hospital and bring her back. That's definitely a lie, right? But Irene accepts it. Sam and Johnny carry Irene out, and she seems to be in a lot of pain. Esther and Daniel walk along with her. Annie is back in the cabin, crying to Neeko about how she hates it here. Everyone comes up to the Siberia sign, and Irene suddenly remembers the rock she got from Daniel. Esther runs back to get it.

See, at this point we haven't actually seen Esther cross the line, and now she's leaving everyone else to cross the line without her. I suspect trickery! I hope so, anyway, because if everything is exactly as it seems, that would be kind of disappointing.

Sabina wanders around in the woods, calling out for that mysterious girl. She comes upon a skeleton, half-buried in the ground. And it has a necklace just like Sabina's. The picture in the locket is the one from Sabina's locket! This is a cool development, because the only way I can see it working is for Sabina to go back in time quite a ways and then die right there. I think that occurred to her, too, because she's freaking out. She runs off, and I think she should have grabbed that duplicate locket. If it's so important to her, it couldn't hurt to have a spare copy.

Back at the camp, Annie is moping around. And she sees Miljan carving a hole into his forearm with a knife. Huh! Things are really starting to get weird around here! And about time, too. Annie gets Neeko, because she doesn't want to get involved by herself. Miljan says he wants to remember this day for Irene. Neeko warns him it'll get infected, then he and Annie leave. Miljan interviews that it's a perfectly normal case of a guy giving himself a tattoo with a razor. I feel that people should be reacting a little more strongly to his behavior, but I guess they're distracted.

The crowd carrying Irene gets to the helipad. There is no helicopter, and Johnny realizes that Esther tricked them. Back at the camp, Esther is holding the blue rock and smirking at Neeko about getting five people to eliminate themselves. It's a pretty good move. We see footage of her walking up to the line and turning around without crossing it. Neeko is mad at her. At the helipad, Sam is surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing, crediting Esther for playing them really well. Johnny, however, is shouting and stomping. He says he wants to go back to the camp and rip Esther's head off, which I guess is understandable.

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