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Don't Press the Button

Sabina is walking through the woods when she comes upon a whole new person! There's a reaction shot of Sabina's expression, which must have been taken by an invisible camera, since it's a reverse shot from the point of view of the new person. Oh! Or maybe this mysterious new person is also a camera in disguise! Or probably not, because it's just a blonde girl in furs and stuff that indicates indigenous people. Sabina tells her not to be afraid. Then there's a noise that distracts Sabina, and when she looks back, she's gone. I don't think the mysterious ghost girl is the one that needs to be afraid.

Irene is a little delirious. Esther strokes her forehead and tells her she needs to get help. But Irene will not even consider going home. She says, "I can't fail." Esther interviews that it's actually pretty impressive. Well, willpower is great and all, but gangrene is an actual thing. And they don't even have a knife good enough to cut her leg off.

Johnny, Neeko, Sam, and Daniel sit outside the cabin and talk about the situation. Miljan is also there, but he's just sitting there creepily. I can only assume they're making the decisions because they're the men. Johnny is talking about bone fragments, but Daniel is more concerned about an infection. Johnny says they need to get her to the helicopter, because clearly there's going to be no help while they're here.

Esther comes up and says that Irene is in a lot of pain and wants to stay. Sam thinks she's not thinking clearly. Esther is willing to push the button to get help for Irene, even if it means that both of them are off the show. This is because she feels guilty for mocking the possible injury. Well, that's fairly honorable. She says she doesn't want to play the game anymore. Sad music plays as she wanders around.

Annie talks about how no one expected Esther to agree to push the button, as we see Esther walk in slow motion toward the "FAREWELL SIBERIA" sign.

The campfire. Annie pours out a tub of red stuff that's presumably a mix of water and Irene's blood. She returns Daniel's shirt, which is probably pretty gross now. Sam says he can't do this anymore, because this is a really dangerous place. Neeko asks if he's quitting, and he points out that people are dying and being injured and there's no support. He feels helpless: "I wanna be able to help and I can't.

Esther comes back. She says there's a helicopter here and the pilot will fly Irene out. According to her, the pilot didn't know anyone was hurt, because apparently the camera people aren't in communication with anyone. And the rules are suspended, so people will be allowed to carry Irene past the line without being suspended. Shouldn't they have heard the helicopter from the camp? It's probably pretty quiet out in the Siberian wilderness.

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