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The platform got Irene's leg, and she's screaming in pain. One of the spikes went right through her calf and into the ground! Miljan runs off. The camera operator stays behind to get shots of Irene in pain.

Johnny is bathing in the lake. He's naked! Esther is enjoying the sight of his pixelated butt, so he comes up out of the water to ask for his pants back. He doesn't mind being naked in front of her, though. She's being flirty with him, but he's not really into it. He's not as sad about Carolina as she thinks he should be.

And then! Carolina runs up to tell them about Irene being hurt. Johnny doesn't believe her, and demands that Carolina tell them her real name. It's Joyce, which brings her in line with all the other characters on the show, who are played by actors with the same name. Carolina runs off. Esther is a little gleeful about Irene maybe needing to leave. She seems very fixated on the idea of getting the other people out of the game, but she seems to have given very little thought to the question of how to survive through a Siberian winter on her own.

Miljan runs into the camp and tells everyone about Irene. They make him explain it for a really long time, then he's finally able to get them to go with him. When they get to Irene, Neeko has to get Daniel to help lift the trap instead of dote on Irene. But they can't lift it because it's right through Irene, and sticking all the way to the ground. Johnny gets there and wants to lift it. Daniel says that she'll bleed out if they pull the trap out of her leg wound, so everyone decides to apply a tourniquet first. I guess that could work.

They use Daniel's shirt. Then Daniel distracts her while the spiked trap gets pulled off her. She screams, which is reasonable. Neeko and Daniel yell at the camera operators for not helping her. They carry her away, and Johnny has to repeatedly tell the person holding the injured leg to hold it higher than her heart. Carolina is distracted by shouting at the camera crew to help them. But no help is forthcoming.

They carry Carolina to the camp and put her on one of the bunks. Esther is pretty disturbed by how hurt she is, which is a good thing. She explains that when she was talking trash, she thought Irene had just gotten a sprain or something. Everyone scatters to get some kind of first aid equipment. Esther, Johnny, and Neeko huddle. Neeko says Irene doesn't want to go home, even though she obviously needs a doctor. Johnny says they can't take care of her.

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