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Sam and Daniel are having some success fishing with the net, although the fish in their bucket are tiny minnows. Except I don't know if they're really minnows; I'm just using that word to mean "teeny little fish without much to eat on them." Sam is not impressed with Daniel giving Irene a rock, but Daniel insists that she liked it. Sam once threw a snowball at a girl, which he thinks is kind of the same thing.

Oh! There's Carolina, who hasn't left after all. She sort of waves at them from the trees, but Sam wants to ignore her. Daniel's too nice, though, so he runs after her. He asks what's up with her whole deal, and she shrugs that she's probably fired. He says that he doesn't think she did anything wrong, because, "This is just a show...isn't it?" He doesn't really have any reason to be saying "isn't it" at this point, but they needed the soundbite for the previews. He should probably be more upset about her burning down the food shed and making everyone think Johnny did it. Even if the lack of food is really part of the game, the part where everyone was encouraged to ostracize another player is unacceptable producer meddling. I'm kind of outraged at the lack of fair competition in a fake game.

Speaking of Johnny, he's sawing up some firewood. Neeko asks him if he remembers anything about what happened in the woods the other night. Nope! He doesn't trust Carolina anymore, but says that doesn't mean she's necessarily lying about what happened. He's pretty fair-minded here. Neeko also asks about his finger, which is how manly men make amends. That's a fun sentence. So now Johnny and Neeko are pals again.

Sam and Daniel come back with a bucket of basically-minnows. Neeko razzes them a little about who really caught them, and Daniel says it was a team effort. For some reason, Esther tells Sam that Natalie is out hunting. I guess she doesn't want to talk about Natalie being gone in front of Annie? Johnny walks past and declines any fish. The back of his jacket is coated in dried blood, but that's probably from the deer carcass he had to carry.

Miljan leads Irene into a random part of the woods and tells her to trust him about the six deer he saw. He gets very quiet and points into a clearing. There's a deer head over there, but it's not moving at all. I tried freeze-framing to get a better look at it, but that just made it even more immobile. It's pretty fake-looking even at a casual glance. Irene draws a bead, then shoots. She goes to investigate, and discovers that it's just a deer head on a stick. It's a trap! A literal trap, where this has been set up to trap someone. Miljan looks to the sky, and a spiked platform drops out of the sky! One of the camera angles is from directly under the platform, which I think breaks the concept of the show a little.

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