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Irene creeps through the woods with her bow and arrow. There's a generic "jungle bird" noise from the distance, and she says it sounds like a child. And then she hears the noise again from a different direction. It really didn't sound much like a child to me.

Annie returns to the cabin and pulls her notebook from under the mattress. Then she starts reading it. Not much happened here, but it's setup for later.

Miljan creeps up to the lake. And I use the word "creep" on purpose, because he's hiding behind a tree, peeping at Sabina bathing. She's wearing underwear, but the rest of her clothes are hanging on a branch. Miljan carefully takes a locket off the branch and has trouble popping it open. He should probably have snuck away with it, because Sabina suddenly pops up behind him and puts him in a sleeper hold.

She makes him give it back, then tells him that if he touches her stuff again, she'll kill him. Once he's free, he acts offended and tells her not to touch his stuff either. Whatever, dude. It's quite clear that Sabina could crush you. Sabina interviews that it's a necklace she's very fond of, and she considers it her heart. There's a picture of a baby inside it. She kisses it, but then she switched to survival mode when there's a noise from the bushes.

Irene is still creeping through the trees when she comes upon Miljan, staring at his totem pole. I'm told it's probably not actually a totem pole, since they don't have those in Siberia, but that's what it looks like to me. And unless the show finds a way to drop some exposition, I'm going to keep calling it that. It takes Miljan a moment to shift his attention to Irene, and he immediately leads her away from the pole, insisting that he saw at least six deer, right over there away from the totem pole.

Annie is still looking for Natalie. She opens her notebook and rips out the drawing she made of Natalie, then throws it into the fire. Neeko and Esther, who don't have much to do this episode, are hanging out at the campfire. I went camping last week, and I can verify that a large part of your time is spent sitting around staring at the fire. There's also some Frisbee.

Anyway, Annie reads them a note Natalie wrote in her notebook: "Annie, I made a big mistake. This morning I realized I miss my ex too much to jeopardize things with him by staying here. I need to leave before things get bad. I hope you understand." So Natalie's gone, then, I guess. We also haven't seen Carolina all day. Neeko thinks it's weird that Natalie left without saying anything to anyone. I also think that! Maybe Natalie is playing an advanced game where she sneaks off to hide in the woods to be safe from the nonsense. Esther noticed the "special connection" between Annie and Natalie and thinks it might make Annie leave as well. She's looking forward to that.

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