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Carolina has been revealed to be an actress, who was hired to "move the story forward" because there are no producers around. She says she's sorry, but now people are assuming she was responsible for everything that happened. She insists that she really did get hurt while blacked out, but that's not going over terrible well. Especially when she admits to burning the food shed down.

Sam is concerned that her actions were leading him and Neeko to go hunt down Johnny. Neeko is also angry about the whole thing. Which you can understand, right? Carolina tearfully apologizes, except without the actual tears. Then she goes to the women's cabin to be alone.

Sam thinks the women should go in there and get more information out of her. They don't want to do it, though. Esther points out that the glowing green sky seems outside of Carolina's ability to create trouble on her own.

Inside the cabin, Caroline tells her camera operator that she wants out and she wants the footage of whatever happened to her in the woods. In a Russian accent (which is subtitled in spite of not being all that thick), the cameraman says, "Camera got lost in the woods and no one can find." Oh, great. I don't mind the crew being callous about the misfortunes of the Siberians, but you'd think they'd be at least a little worried about their coworkers vanishing.

But then we see footage from a camera on the ground, so I guess it got found at some point. Someone's feet walk past, then the unseen someone picks it up and carries it to a stone cave. So I guess it's Sabina, since she came out of that stone cave when Johnny was out exploring earlier. The cave contains bottles, jars, and cans of food, along with a flashlight and the rifle bullets. And what looks like a bag of mini-bagels. Then the mystery person (who is probably Sabina) pans up, and it's Sabina. That was less shocking than it was probably supposed to be.

The next morning, Annie asks Esther and Sam if they've seen Natalie. She's already pretty clingy, huh? Miljan is sitting by a tree studying his mystery book, and Sam comes up to tell him to get up and get some work done. His basic message is, "Go get some water, ya bum!"

Apparently Miljan's been lazy for a couple of days. Next, Sam asks Daniel if he'd like to learn how to fish. Daniel says he's from Minnesota, so he's already a great fisherman. I guess that's possible. Sam has a net at the end of a long branch, which looks a little iffy to me.

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